Air Condition Service Coquitlam

Air Conditioning Service Coquitlam

Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance Coquitlam

Pro Ace takes pride in their work.  That is what has kept us in business for over 20 years.  Pro Ace installs, services and repairs HVAC units of all kinds.  These include boilers, furnaces, gas fireplaces, heat pumps, tankless systems and rooftop units.  We like to think we are the experts in the Lower Mainland (at least).  When you need expert servicing for your AC system in Coquitlam, Pro Ace is the one to call.

Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance Coquitlam Confidence

Regular AC service will prevent future repairs and the need to replace your unit before its time.  To find out what is involved in an AC service, call Pro Ace for free advice and quotes.  Our quotes are always in writing.  And we beat any competing price.  Pro Ace is the risk-free HVAC company in Coquitlam.  It is also the company with the friendliest service techs.  They are ready to speak with you at any time of the day or night.  For AC service and maintenance in Coquitlam, Pro Ace is the easiest one to consult.

Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance Coquitlam Certification

All Pro Ace service techs are red seal certified.  Red Seal is the HVAC industry’s stamp of approval.  It simply means they know their stuff.   Our techs also have years of training.  They can service and repair any model of HVAC system.  It is in their blood.  The service techs also read up on changes in the industry to stay in the know.   If you would like to speak with one of our expert friendly techs, call us any time.

Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance Coquitlam General Questions

You may wonder what AC actually does.  The purpose of an AC unit is to control your comfort zone by filtering its air intake, and maintaining an ideal temperature.  Essentially, the air is cooled with the use of a refrigerant and sent back into your rooms.  It is not simply ventilation.  By setting the thermostat to the desired indoor temperature, the AC unit does all the rest.  It is that simple.  But if you would like to hear a mare technical description in Coquitlam, call Pro Ace the AC experts.


Some questions you may have


What does BTU mean?

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit.  It is the amount of air needed to cool one pound of water by one degree.  For the AC user’s purpose, the BTU of the unit needs to be high enough to cool your home or office to your satisfaction.

How do I add refrigerant to my AC unit?

This is not recommended.  Refrigerants are government regulated.  The unit container is sealed.  Only Red Seal refrigerant mechanics can refill, recharge or repair a refrigerant container.  If you have concerns about your refrigerant level or any other issue about your AC system, call Pro Ace.  We can advise you about what to do.  We even make house calls.  And we won’t do anything until you are fully ready to proceed.









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Took advantage of a furnace maintenance program that they were offering and they came and did a fantastic job of cleaning and checking the system for any gas leaks. They were thorough in their cleaning and very nice to work with.
Jazozika Holding

Thank you for the great service I received in April 2012. Your service men were quick and efficient and on top of it very freindly.

Many thanks to Grant for identifying our problem and to Ali and his assistant for fixing it promptly and efficiently. Very friendly service men!

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