Air Conditioning Repair North Vancouver

Air Conditioning Repair North Vancouver

Air Conditioning Repair North Vancouver

When you need expert AC unit repair service in North Vancouver just call Pro Ace.  We are the risk free AC repair company.  Why?  Well, we have been in business for over twenty-two years.  We have over 80,000 clients and counting.  Our guaranteed lowest prices.  100% guaranteed repair work.   Red Seal certified refrigerant mechanics.  Free advice.  Written quotes.  Digital Tablet Technology.    24/7 emergency response.   Oh, and we really care about your home and office comfort.  We are in business to make you smile.

Air Conditioning Repair North Vancouver Explanations

All the above sums up our company vision.  Expertise, lowest costs, and a caring staff.  The expertise is in our 22 years in business.  And our wealth of happy clients in North Vancouver.  It is also in our Red Seal certified repair techs.  Red Seal is the industry’s highest certification.  It means they know what they are doing.  Only the A team earns this honor.  It comes after years of learning and experience.  But there is more.  Our AC service techs are also people friendly.  They listen first and then advise later.  They make notes.  And they advise about how you can save money on your AC unit operation.

Air Conditioning Repair North Vancouver Low Costs

Pro Ace guarantees all our work in North Vancouver.  We may be the one company that suggests getting quotes from the competition.  Pro Ace believes in creating happy relations with all our clients.  So we always provide written quotes.  Detailed and clear.  After that, we go to work.  And if we have to, we return until the job is done.  That is our 100% no fine print guarantee.  That is how we earned the trust and confidence of over 80,000 clients.

Air Conditioning Repair North Vancouver Care

Pro Ace believes it is more than just a job.  It is about client satisfaction—in North Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.  That is how we measure how well we are doing.  The client’s tell us.  It’s a human thing.  The AC unit is just a machine.  The client is flesh and blood.  It is about creating good feelings.  Making people happy.  Not to mention comfortable in their home or office air.  So we offer our best advice.  Always free of charge.  We suggest options to keep our clients’ costs down.  Like changing your AC filters every 3 to 6 months.  We have lots of tips.  Call Pro Ace so we can tell you what they are.

Some questions you may have


My AC unit is making a strange noise.  What could be the problem?

There are many answers to this question depending on the type of noise and where it is coming from.  Common are sharp “squealing” or “grinding” noises which come from the air handler.  If you have an older AC unit, it may be belt-driven and the noise comes from a slipped belt.  If that is the case, the belt is most likely worn.  If you have a newer direct drive model of AC unit, the “grinding” noise may be mechanical in nature.  Pro Ace’s advice is to shut off the AC system and call us for some free expert advice.  You may be able to fix the problem yourself.  Or we would be happy to pay you a visit and fix the AC unit on the spot.







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Get in touch!

What people are saying about us!


Took advantage of a furnace maintenance program that they were offering and they came and did a fantastic job of cleaning and checking the system for any gas leaks. They were thorough in their cleaning and very nice to work with.
Jazozika Holding

Thank you for the great service I received in April 2012. Your service men were quick and efficient and on top of it very freindly.

Many thanks to Grant for identifying our problem and to Ali and his assistant for fixing it promptly and efficiently. Very friendly service men!

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