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Ameristar Ductless Systems

The reliable heating and cooling performance you need…at a price you can afford.

Indoor comfort doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. The Ameristar brand is built for cost-effective, efficient, and dependable cooling and heating performance, no matter what kind of home you own.


Whether you’re replacing a broken unit or upgrading to a new system, Ameristar gives you a full range of options, from air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces, to ductless systems, packaged units, and indoor coils. No matter your budget or size requirements, your local dealer can help you find and install a system that will get the job done—keeping your home comfortable year-round.



Average cost:
Single head : Average $3000 to $4000 .
Multi Heads: Written estimate requires

Noise Level:
Indoor : 22db to 46 db (depending on the size of the unit)
Out door unit: 71db to 76db

Maximum Indoor heads:
Maximum 5 Indoor heads with one outdoor unit

Indoor :  from 9000 Btu to 24000 Btu
Outdoor : from 9000 Btu to 42000 Btu

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Multi-Zone Specifications

15 SEER Multi-Zone Outdoor Heat Pump

OutdoorSEERHSPFEERCooling Capacity (BTUH)Heating Capacity (BTUH)VoltageNumber of PortsGas LineLiquid LineMax Overcurrent Protection
M4THM1518A12NA158.210.001800019000208‑230/60/123/8″ (2)1/4″ (2)20
M4THM1524A13NA158.28.002600029000208‑230/60/133/8″ (3)1/4″ (3)30
M4THM1530A14NA158.28.002900030400208‑230/60/143/8″ (4)1/4″ (4)45
M4THM1536A14NA158.27.753400035800208‑230/60/143/8″ (2)
1/2″ (1)
5/8″ (1)
1/4″ (3)
3/8″ (1)
M4THM1542A15NA158.29.14000044500208‑230/60/153/8″ (2)
1/2″ (2)
5/8″ (1)
1/4″ (4)
3/8″ (1)

15 SEER High Wall Mounted Indoor Unit

IndoorNominal Capacity (BTUH)VoltageGas LineLiquid Line

Pro Ace Air Conditioning technicians are trained and certified to Service, Maintain, Repair and Install a variety of Ameristar Ductless systems.

Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning Ameristar Ductless Installation.
No matter if you live in a condo, townhouse, house, Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning will find a good solution for you. This includes a proper sizing, an effective design, at reasonable costs.

Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning Ameristar Ductless Repair.
Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning technicians are red seal certified refrigerant mechanics. With years of experience in delivering efficient, reliable service. 

Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning Ameristar Ductless Maintenance.
At Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning has been maintaining commercial and residential Ameristar Ductless Mini-Split systems since 1995. We provide knowledgeable, reliable, and reasonable service to keep our customers satisfied for a lifetime.

If you want to know more about our ductless and mini-split, please Contact Pro Ace Heating & Air Conditioning Services with your questions.  

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Thank you for the great service I received in April 2012. Your service men were quick and efficient and on top of it very freindly.


Many thanks to Grant for identifying our problem and to Ali and his assistant for fixing it promptly and efficiently. Very friendly service men!

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