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Boiler Service and Maintenance Port Moody and Boiler Service and Maintenance Tri-Cities

Pro Ace Heating has been servicing boilers in the Port Moody and Tri-Cities area for over twenty years.  80,000 customers later, we are the number one HVAC company in the Lower Mainland.  And we did it one customer at a time.  In addition to boilers, we also know lots about furnaces, tankless units, rooftop units, and gas fireplaces.  We offer free advice on everything to do with HVAC systems.  And we are an allied member of FortisBC.

Boiler Service and Maintenance Port Moody and Boiler Service and Maintenance Tri-Cities Tablet Tech

Pro Ace Heating is the only boiler company to use Tablet Technology.  Tablet Tech uses a multi-point check system covering every aspect of your home or office boiler.  The tech performs his checks in a systemized manner.  This process makes sure that nothing is left out.  And the home office can oversee the service in real time.  The homeowner receives a printout detailing every aspect of his or her boiler.  The printout details all costs involved.  And the service tech can offer some advice about boiler upkeep.  Tablet tech is state-of-the-art boiler care.


Boiler Service and Maintenance Port Moody and Boiler Service and Maintenance Tri-Cities Keys to Service

Licensed gas fitters are the key to expert boiler service.  Pro Ace techs have years of training and experience.  They are also bonded.  Pro Ace is committed to boiler service beyond the nuts and bolts.  We take the time to answer our clients’ concerns about their boilers and other HVAC systems.  Service, repair or replace?  The answers are not always clear.  What we do is give clear and detailed advice—and in writing.  Any and all costs are also clearly detailed.  We have the best boiler service techs in the Lower Mainland.

Boiler Service and Maintenance Port Moody and Boiler Service and Maintenance Tri-Cities Safety and Warmth

It’s a good idea to service your boiler in Port Moody and the Tri-Cities area once every year.  Think Safety First!  All gas units in HVAC systems should be serviced to detect leaks and other problems.  As well a yearly service will save you money in many ways.  It might lower your energy costs as well as gas usage.  And it will save on repairs down the road.  Pro Ace is really good at planning your boiler service so you can relax in your warm home or office.  Your boiler will run smooth as silk until the next service.  Call us today for our usual free advice.

Some questions you may have


What is done during a boiler service?

Pro Ace’s tablet technology is the secret to multi-point boiler inspections.  It is a list of every check and test to ensure smooth boiler operation.  Some of these include testing for carbon monoxide, checking and cleaning the burners, and checking the zone valves.  In addition the servicing includes testing the pilot safety system, the pressure reduction valve and the operation of the cold water system.  We can provide you with a complete list when you call.










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Took advantage of a furnace maintenance program that they were offering and they came and did a fantastic job of cleaning and checking the system for any gas leaks. They were thorough in their cleaning and very nice to work with.
Jazozika Holding

Thank you for the great service I received in April 2012. Your service men were quick and efficient and on top of it very freindly.

Many thanks to Grant for identifying our problem and to Ali and his assistant for fixing it promptly and efficiently. Very friendly service men!

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