Vancouver Dryer Vent Booster

Dryer Vent Boosters are a fantastic and inexpensive way to make your laundry dryer much more efficient and operating better with ease.  If you notice that your clothes are not drying quickly, or requiring multiple cycles to dry - it is often because of the duct system leading to your dryer.  Whether it is too long, too curved, or cluttered, the lack of air flow can reduce your dryer efficiency and increase your energy bill.

Thankfully, Pro Ace Heating as able to provide you with a solution. A dryer vent booster (also called a dryer duct booster) is a technology that will allow air to travel through your duct faster and more efficiently, while consuming very little power. This will resolve any kind of delay problem, and make getting clothes dry faster than ever.  Airflow will be increase, and your energy consumption will go down when using your dryer (one of the most energy consuming appliances in your home).

Our trained Pro Ace installers can install a dryer vent booster into your dryer duct system quickly and easily, and with the guaranteed quality that Pro Ace is known for. It’s easy and affordable, and a great way to reduce your energy consumption, and save you money, in one easy to install utility. Consider getting a dryer vent booster installed in your home, and contact Pro Ace to answer any question you might have on dryer vent boosters.Contact Pro Ace Heating and air conditioning with your dryer booster questions.