Pro Ace Electrical Service

In addition to electrical installation, the electrical systems in your home or commercial building require regular professional electric service to remain in safe working order. Pro Ace Electrical has experienced, licensed, and bonded electricians who are qualified to maintain your electrical systems and provide any required electrical servicing.

All Electrical Services in Vancouver

Pro Ace Electrical electricians provide all electrical services in Burnaby, Vancouver, and North Vancouver. We provide commercial electrical service as well as residential electrical service.

With locations near you, Pro Ace electricians are able to respond to urgent electrical emergencies any time of day, 24/7, as well as perform all your routine electrical maintenance.

Book Pro Ace Electrical Servicing the Vancouver Lower Mainland Areas

Call the vancouver electrical contractors in Vancouver that you can trust to troubleshoot your electrical systems and perform necessary maintenance and repairs, call Pro Ace Electrical today!

For service and maintenance of light fixtures, ceiling fans, electrical outlets, electrical panels, electrical switches, or any other residential or commercial electrical systems, contact Pro Ace Electrical at 604-293-3770 with your electrical questions.