Vancouver Fireplace Service and Maintenance

Pro Ace Heating is the only company in the lower mainland to use patented tablet technology on all of our HVAC service inspections.  Like any HVAC system, Fortis BC recommends annual inspections and maintenance visits for gas fireplaces - to ensure that they are safe and functioning properly.  With Pro Ace licensed professionals, and a detailed tablet checklist, our service inspection is the best in BC.

These are some of the things that our skilled technicians take care of on their gas fireplace maintenance visits:

  • Check for gas leaks or gas related hazards
  • Clean your fireplace burner assemblies and other necessary components
  • Ensure that the glass is not cracked or breached
  • Check the pilot light to be sure that is still is working correctly
  • Look for damages or problems on the interior
  • Check the ventilation system
  • Make sure the fan is working properly (if applicable)
  • Check for carbon monoxide
  • Comprehensive safety check
  • Ensure fireplace is up to manufacturer specifications

Remember that all of our Pro Ace service staff are trained professionals with certified A and B gas licenses.

An annual service inspection is ideal for your fireplace.  It will reduce the chance of needing repairs down the road, and will ensure that your system is running correctly and efficiently, without any problems.  Contact Pro Ace Heating and Plumbing with your fireplace questions.

Here is our selection of fireplaces that we service and maintain: An annual service inspection is ideal for your fireplace:

Montigo, Scan, Enviro, Town and Country, Dimplex, Jotul, Vermont, Majestic, Marquis, Regency, Valor, Napoleon