Vancouver Hot Water Tank Service and Maintenance

Regular service and maintenance for your hot water tank will is important to extend the life of your heater, and get the most out of your system.  Costly repairs can be avoided with regular inspections, which is by the BC Safety Authority recommends an annual visit.  Pro Ace technicians are licensed experts, qualified to deal with any hot water tank heating problem.  We have years of experience and countless satisfied customers.

The Pro Ace Heating team uses our unique tablet technology to make sure that no one else can deliver the same quality water tank inspection that you get from us. With our tablets, we are able to offer our customers detailed reports, so that they understand everything we are doing and how it helps. We can review the report with the head office, to eliminate mistakes and inconsistencies. And it guarantees that we never skip a step or miss an opportunity to serve you better.

Important tips for your Hot Water Tank:

  • Conserve Water – don’t leave taps running when you are not using water
  • Insulate your pipes – reduces heat loss and may allow you to reduce tank temperature slightly
  • Consider an insulating blanket for your water tank
  • Reduce the heat of your hot water tank
  • Drain a small amount of water from the bottom of your tank – be sure to consult your owner’s manual to do this safely and properly (or call Pro Ace Heating for help!) 
  • Contact Pro Ace Heating and Plumbing with your water heater questions

We have technicians ready to take your call.  We are always available to offer free tips and advice or give you a consultation.  We are also available for 24/7 emergency service.

ProAce has 24/7 service and maintenance provided by our incredibly skilled team of technicians. They service the following brands:
John Wood, Bradford White, General Electric