Vancouver Hot Water Tank

Hot Water Tank – Service
As with all major HVAC appliances, an annual service inspection is a must.  Having a professional inspect your system for problems will ensure your machine is running efficiently and help to keep you from needing repairs down the road.  It can also help extend the life of the system and keep you informed about the condition of your hot water tank.

Hot Water Tank - Repair 
We can troubleshoot an old water heater for any problems such as inadequate or disabled water heating, rusting, leakages, slight rumbles and low noises or simply a wrong pathway of water in the system. We are the experts in hot water tank repairs and service

Hot Water Tank - Installation 
Every installer who works for us is experienced, highly skilled, licensed and we can get your hot water tank installation done in 2 to 3 hours. We offer same day service and an 8 year warranty on your John Wood or Bradford White hot water tank. We have hot water installation expertise in Energy Star qualified commercial water heaterscommercial water heaters, and the highest energy efficient tankless water heaters. Contact Pro Ace Heating and Plumbing with your water heater questions.

We offer Repair, Installation, and Services on the following brands:

John Wood, Bradford White, General Electric