Pro Ace Heating and Plumbing Service Area: Port Moody

If you are in need of Port Moody furnace service – there isn’t anyone better to call than Pro Ace Heating and Plumbing. With a 24/7 emergency heating and plumbing line, there’s never a bad time to call, and we can have a certified and licensed class A or B gas technician out to assist you in no time. But Pro Ace can do more than just furnace repairs for Port Moody. We can go the extra mile to deliver the latest high efficiency heating systems installed directly to your home.

Pro Ace is standing by for you. Pro Ace Heating and Plumbing Services include:

Air conditioning repair service, maintenance and AC air cooling installations

Boiler repairs, service, maintenance and boiler installations

Furnace repairs, service, maintenance and furnace installations

Fireplace repairs, service, maintenance and fireplace installations

Plumbing repairs, service, maintenance and heat pump repair, maintenance

Heatpump repairs, service, maintenance and heating and air condition installations

Tankless water heater repairs, service, maintenance and tankless water heater installations

Water tank heater repairs, service, maintenance and water tank heater installations

Airduct repairs, service, and air duct cleaning 

Dryer vent repairs, service, and dryer vent cleaning 

Dryer booster repairs, service, and dryer booster cleaning 

Pro Ace Heating does heat pumps, boilers, tankless water heaters and water tanks as well. We can also dogas fireplace installation to your home in Port Moody, air conditioners and plumbing too! Pro Ace is a name that is synonymous with quality and customer approval, and it is our goal to make every customer in Port Moody into a lifelong customer. Contact Pro Ace Heating and Plumbing Services with your questions