Air Conditioner Sale: Vancouver A/C Prices and Savings

Vancouver Air Conditioner Sale & Summer Savings

Pro Ace Heating and Cooling in Vancouver BC are starting to feel the effects of July: sweltering heat paired with humid air. Luckily for you, air conditioning technology has advanced greatly every year since the days of our founding fathers and we’re having a great air conditioner sale in Vancouver to help you simmer down!

Installing an air conditioner is the solution to your heat exhaustion ways. Pro Ace offers a veritable armada of brands to choose from. Types of air conditioners ranging from ductless air conditioners, forced air, and split units. Our masterful HVAC technicians in Vancouver are readily available to perform any task, whether it is a complete installation, emergency repairs, or something as simple but as necessary as maintenance.

Air Conditioner Sale, Productivity & Savings

Humans are easily susceptible to higher temperatures, often making them irritable, more easily tired, less mentally alert and all around less efficient at any task they may be doing; therefore, a lack of air conditioning is conducive to poor performance and poor productivity through hot Vancouver summers. “Air-Conditioning America”, a book by Gail Cooper, cites a 1957 survey in which 90% of American firms named cooled air as the single biggest boost to their productivity.

Air conditioner are an efficient way to keep your home cool, but that’s not all. You’ll often find yourself leaving doors and windows open during the summer because any draft, at this point, is a good draft. However, are you aware that the air you’re letting into your home is unfiltered, uncooled, and humid?

Vancouver HEPA Filters: Duct Cleaning & Filters

Vancouver Air Duct Cleaning $100 Off

Air conditioners can prevent allergens from entering, as long as your ducts are clean and your A/C filter is clean too. Air Conditioners also double as dehumidifiers. This especially useful if you live in a very damp climate, for instance, beautiful B.C.’s modern staple, Vancouver.  Having an A/C in your home precludes any need of opening windows and doors to circulate air. In fact, all this does is bring more warm air into the air that also carries many nuisance pests.

HVAC Systems: Condensers, Evaporators, & Air Ducts

Your air conditioner is actually split into two parts: the condenser unit, and the evaporator unit. One’s outside, attracting air, the other resting inside the furnace plenum. Typically, home cooling use the same forced air systems as the furnace, therefore, same motor, same blower and duct work are used to distribute the cooled air from the cooling unit. That’s why the term HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling as all three are typically central components of the same system.

The core of your HVAC system is typically made to last, however, there are many occasions where your system could fail. Pro Ace Heating and Cooling technicians are like doctors in a sort. Doctors who specialize in heating and cooling, in diagnosing or troubleshooting, then with surgical precision, repairing the HVAC system and leaving your home cool for the summer.

Air Conditioners Dehumidifies and Cleans

What a lot of us take for granted is that not only does an air conditioner cool the air, but it also dehumidifies and cleans it too. There are exceptions if say your ducts are unclean and filled with particulate build up. Your air conditioner may be working but blockage in your ducts could lead to cooling failure and wasted energy, meaning wasted money.

At Pro Ace we are concerned about health more so than anything else and a dirty duct, wasting money and circulating unclean air into your home is the biggest thorn in our sides. Pro Ace offers air duct cleaning and air conditioner filters along with our industry leading air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance.

Air Conditioner Sale

Why wait until the next heat wave to make its way through the greater Vancouver area? Don’t miss out on our Vancouver Air Conditioner Sale.  Have Pro Ace make sure you’re all set for summer suns and clean, breathable air to optimize your comfort and maximize your happiness. With our Vancouver Air Conditioner Summer Sale promotions, you can enjoy your summer in comfort!

Vancouver Air Conditioner $800 Rebate

Give Pro Ace a call today at 604-293-3770 and get a free estimate on your air conditioner installation, repair, or maintenance. Pro Ace Heating and Cooling in Vancouver BC understands the difficulty of trying to run a business and home during the scorching summer months, our air conditioner sale is sure to make life a little easier for everyone.