Ten Tips to Save Energy this Summer

Ten Tips to Save Energy this Vancouver Summer

Pro Ace wants to give Vancouverites some helpful tips to lower their energy bills while keeping cool this summer:

  1. Remember that the air conditioner is one of the biggest power consumers in your home. Consider buying a new energy efficient air conditioner to save energy.
  2. If you’re not ready for a new unit, remember to have your system serviced to make sure it is operating efficiently.
  3. Remember to clean the air conditioner filters out regularly as well.
  4. Keep windows and doors closed when using the air conditioner. Don’t let the cool air escape outside.
  5. Also remember to check that your home is properly insulated. Consider having a professional look to see if it can be improved in your home.
  6. You can also close curtains and blinds to help keep cool air inside and warm light from shining in.
  7. Turn off excess electrical devices – their operation can build up heat.
  8. For central air units, or heat pumps especially, remember to have your duct system cleaned. Removing the dust and debris will help cool air circulate more effectively.
  9. Remember not to block the air conditioner.
  10. Call Pro Ace for your repairs and service for your Air Conditioner – phone us at 604-293-3770 – we will fix any problem and get your system working again.


Have a cool summer Vancouver!