Air Conditioning: The Time is Now

Now is the Time for Air Conditioning Vancouver

The world’s getting warmer, and that includes Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, and Langley. Though many of us think of summers in the Lower Mainland as reasonably cool, this is no longer the case, and the trend will be towards even warmer summers in the future. Now is the time to consider adding air conditioning. There is no better choice you can make for your summer comfort.

A Consistent, Pleasant Temperature

When you’ve chosen to install air conditioning, your comfort is no longer held hostage to the seasons. You can keep your home or business at the exact same temperature from season to season. Air conditioning is not just for the hottest week of summer. It can make your home or business more pleasant and inviting in the spring and fall as well.

Luxury Living

What is true luxury living? It’s a home that is always accommodating, always pleasant, and always welcoming. It’s a home where the temperature doesn’t change radically from room to room, or depend on noisy, messy electric fans. Add a central air conditioning system, and even the most modest home acquires a distinctly luxurious touch.

Increase the Value of your Home

One of the best parts of being a home owner is knowing that when you make an investment into your home, you can recoup some or all of that investment back when you sell. This absolutely applies to air conditioning installations. When you sell, you’ll want something that sets your building apart from every other unit on the block. Air conditioning does that. Your house may even increase in value enough to make back the money you put into the original air conditioning unit. And remember: the Lower Mainland is getting warmer. More and more people are going to decide that when they select a home to purchase, an air conditioner is on the must-have list.

Cleaner Air Circulation

Did you know that an air conditioning system does more than make your home pleasant? It also makes your home cleaner. Indoor air quality is a major concern, not only for people with allergies or dust sensitivities, but also for those who value a clean-smelling, fresh environment. Good indoor air quality relies on ventilation: The air must be kept moving through the home, outside, and back inside again. Air conditioning helps to move the air along in those stuffy summer months. As a result, allergy sufferers will thank you for choosing air conditioning.

A Vancouver A/C Installation Company You Can Work With

Pro Ace Heating and Cooling are licensed air conditioning experts with an 18-year track record of satisfied customers. We are happy to answer your questions about air conditioning as you choose which air conditioning alternative meets your needs. We have a variety of seasonal specials available right now, year-round reasonable pricing, and a satisfaction guarantee. Phone us at 604-293-3770, we’ll fix any problem and get your AC system working again.