“The most thorough Cleaning Ever”

Air ducts are one of the most important area in our home to keep clean at all time . As you know many harmful contaminants such as: pollen, bacteria, cigarette smoke, dust, and car exhaust and hundreds of other chemicals are blown into our homes and trapped in carpets, furniture, mattresses and air ducts. The contaminants make our indoor air quality dirtier and poorer than outdoor which can be very harmful. For example, do you or does anyone in your family suffer from any of these ailments: Nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, asthma, , chills, swollen throat, rashes and so on…

Why Choose Pro Ace :

People love our jobs because we use our camera to show inside their ducts before and after our air duct cleaning .Most people are amazed with the result that they see and they feel confident that the job is done right. Of course having 12 years experienced technicians on board and using our very strong ( 16000 CFM Truck and Up to 300 PSI Air Pressure) and advanced equipments assure a 100% satisfaction for our customers. Many companies do not vitalize their cleaning. Therefore,It is hard to say if the job was done right or not. But, here at Pro Ace you will be the judge of the cleaning since we show you how clean and shining your ducts will be. Call us today for a free in home estimate.

1-      We show you before and after cleaning
2-      Honest pricing, No surprising prices when dealing with our techs. You’ll know exactly how much your service will cost before they start their work.
3-      If there is any issue with our work we will back at no charge to rectify it
4-      Technicians with years of experience.
5-      We have been in business since 1995 and we have over 80,000 clients in lower mainland
6-      Flexible appointments, We schedule a time that is most convenient for you and we arrive on-time.
7-      No surprising prices when dealing with us. You’ll know exactly how much your air conditioner repair will cost before we start working.
8-      Reasonable and Great Rates

It is estimated that:

1-      Over 50% all illnesses come from indoor air quality.

2-      Indoor air quality is 4 more times toxic than out door air.

3-      Over 40 million dust mites live in our homes

4  Most Important reasons to have your air ducts cleaned.

1-      To avoid health issues and improve your home air quality

2-      To protect your investments

3-      To save money on furnace repair and gas bills

4-      More energy saving

It’s important to regularly air duct clean your home air ducts, in order to remove build up inside.  By doing this annually, you will help to remove allergens from your ventilation system, make the airflow to your rooms more efficient, increase the life of your HVAC systems, reduce odors, and save money on your energy bill.  And with the fantastic special offered by Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning, you can have this done for a remarkable low price.  Let us come and super power clean your air ducts and get rid of dust, debris, mold and other build up in your system!

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