Annual Air Conditioning Tune Up, Repairs and Service

Maintaining your home’s central air conditioning or split unit models, is a small investment compared to costly repairs. Often homeowners turn on the air conditioning when the warm weather arrives without inspection before the first seasonal start up. This can result in unexpected problems and cost more to repair. Annual servicing and inspections are recommended. They are the affordable and preventive way to maintain your AC unit.

All air conditioning units cool a designated space by extracting warm, humid air. With this process comes a lot of water to be extracted also. Having a professional air conditioning service company clear the drainage line annually is very important to prevent water buildup, mold and even bacteria. Water and mold damage are some of the most difficult and costly repairs, but also easily preventable.

Benefits Of Annual Air Conditioning Tune Up Service

  • Extends the life of the unit
  • Prevents breakdowns and repairs
  • Ensures system is operating and proper low efficiency
  • Maintains air quality and reduces allergens

Our air conditioning service includes the following

  • Coolant level inspection
  • Detailed cleaning of condenser coils
  • Inspection of all electrical connections
  • Water drain flushing and cleaning
  • Air filter replacement
  • Duct inspection
  • Thermostat inspection

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