Boiler Installation Surrey

Boiler Installation Surrey, Boiler Installation Abbotsford, and Boiler Installation Cloverdale

80,000 clients later, Pro Ace is now the leading edge in HVAC systems in Surrey, Abbotsford and Cloverdale.  And that includes boiler repair.  We are an ally member of FortisBC and well respected all over the Lower Mainland.  All our techs are licensed and bonded gas fitters.  Need a new boiler?  Call Pro Ace for a quick, smooth, no problem installation. We are the friendly boiler people who truly care about the comfort zone in your Vancouver home or office.

Boiler Installation Surrey, Boiler Installation  Abbotsford, and Boiler Installation Cloverdale Makes and Models

We are the boiler experts for any make and model on the market today.  That includes older brands and the very newest.  Some of the brands we install include IBC Boiler, HydroThermSlantfinLaars, and Viessmann.  But we are not limited to only one make or model.  Pro Ace is the expert in the entire field of boilers.  And as well in all HVAC systems.  If you would like a crash course on which boilers are ideal for your home or office, call us.

Boiler Installation Surrey, Boiler Installation  Abbotsford, and Boiler Installation Cloverdale Install or Replace?

To install a new boiler or replace an older one in Vancouver, the first name that comes to mind is Pro Ace.  We are not a bait and switch company.  We make every effort to provide the best price.  So we always suggest getting other quotes for the same job.  Just to ease your mind about the price and Pro Ace as a trustful company.  We can also advise about saving money by avoiding future boiler repairs.  Did we mention that our advice is always free?  Call us today and see for yourself.

Boiler Installation Surrey, Boiler Installation  Abbotsford, and Boiler Installation Cloverdale What We Do

Your new boiler installs in one smooth operation.  First we arrange for all the right permits for your home or office in Vancouver.  Then we arrive in a smart looking van and start work.  The entire job takes about two hours.  We can provide you with all the job phases in a written report.  After your new boiler is in place, we will give you the warranty, the boiler manual, the permit docs, and some tips on boiler service and maintenance.  Then we clean up all the old boiler parts and take them to the recycling plant.  It’s as quick and as easy as that!

Some questions you may have

How long will my new boiler pay for itself?

Thank you for that question.  It is a good one.  A new high efficiency boiler will likely begin paying for itself in about five years.  The new boilers on the market will save you money on gas usage, as well as on regular repairs.  Pro Ace can give you an estimate of the monthly cost of your new boiler.  Then you can compare this with your current monthly cost.  Multiply each figure by 12 for the annual cost and then by 15 (the average lifespan of a boiler) and then subtract the new one from the old one.  That will give you an idea.  The older your boiler the more you will likely save.  Please call us for our always free, always clear, and always friendly advice.  Any time.

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