The Role of an Electrician in New Construction

New Construction Electricians

House prices are on the rise again, and real estate in the Lower Mainland has never been more demand. New housing starts are popping up all over Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, and Langley. One of the most important jobs in new home construction is often overlooked: the electrician. Your electrician is a big player in your construction team.

What they do

An electrician who specialises in construction is responsible for laying out the electrical system of a new building. That includes planning, laying out, assembling, and testing all electrical fixtures, wiring, control equipment, and apparatus. Their work involves the lighting system, the heating, the alarm system, and just about every aspect of building under construction.

Where to find them

Wherever you find construction, you’ll find construction electricians. They work on everything from the tiniest of laneway houses to sprawling shopping centres. No construction project goes ahead without an electrician on the team.

A Highly Trained Professional

Electricians receive years of training. In BC, an electrician completes a four-year, post-secondary program that includes 1,200 classroom hours and 6000 hours on the job. Then the trainee takes an inter-provincial exam to obtain his Certificate of Apprenticeship, Certificate of Qualification, and Red Seal. As a result, you know that when you hire a licensed electrician in BC, you are hiring a professional with the study and experience necessary to manage any contingency.

Risky Business

Being a construction electrician carries significant risks, which is a large part of the reason electricians receive so much training. Electrical work is never a DIY job! Construction electricians work carefully to protect themselves from electrical shocks, and are vigilant to avoid falls. Construction electricians are often working outdoors, frequently in inclement weather, especially in rainy Vancouver and Surrey. Bad weather can delay the rough wiring that takes place at the beginning of a new construction project. Electricians are usually working standing and have to be in good shape.

Part of the Team

At every stage of the process, the construction engineer works with others. Construction electricians need excellent communication skills. He or she interprets and implements the architect’s plans and must understand the blueprints and specifications the architect has prepared. As construction proceeds, the electrician needs to be able to work closely with the lead contractor and the rest of the construction team.

Keeping Abreast of Change

It wasn’t so long ago that electrical systems were knob and tube. Electrical systems have progressed rapidly, and electricians need to stay on top of new technology. A successful construction electrician never stops learning.

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