Coquitlam Furnace Repair

Pro Ace is the first choice for Coquitlam furnace repair, and furnace repair in the Tri-Cities area.  What we do is provide the most efficient and affordable solutions to any problems.  Why Pro Ace?  Over 22 years in the business; over 80,000 customers; 24 hour repair service; all work guaranteed.  Pro Ace is the one to trust.

Coquitlam Furnace Repair Reasons to Call

What is the number one reason I should call Pro Ace Heating in Coquitlam?

We have to give you three instead of one, because they are difficult to prioritize.  They are Quality, Customer Satisfaction, and Price.  We work very hard to ensure the highest quality in Furnace repair, customer satisfaction and the most affordable prices.  And we continually work to improve on what we have already done.  If you need furnace repair in Coquitlam, you are in good hands with Pro Ace. 

Coquitlam Furnace Repair Testimonials

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On our website you can explore many, many opinions about us from our satisfied customers.  Here’s what one said about Pro Ace:

They’re on time and even show up early in the time slot you get. If you have a problem and call them the day of, chances are they will send someone your way as soon as possible. If the technician doesn’t know how to fix it, he will tell you and start looking for solutions. Also, they take off their shoes…very respectful.” 

You can find many other similar statements on the website.

Coquitlam Furnace Repair Issues

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All roads to furnace repair lead to Pro Ace.  We not only supply professional techs to diagnose and restore your furnace, we have caring personnel to take your call and offer advice about what to do while you wait for the tech to arrive.  We believe that customer relations come first.  Resolving problems means more than simply repairing a malfunction.  It means creating a relationship with the customer that will last a lifetime.  Our techs are not only trained in furnace repair, but also in building these important customer relations.  The techs listen, ask questions, make copious notes about your furnace, its make, model, and usage, and will fine tune its performance to your personal needs. 

Some Questions You May Have

Can I get an estimate of my furnace repair in Coquitlam over the phone?

In almost all cases we can provide an estimate of costs even if the problem is a big one.  We can also offer a range of solutions depending on your problem.

What are some of the reasons why it is important to call a professional furnace repair company?

A professional company (as opposed to a fly-by-night company or even an inexperienced one) will not simply repair a particular problem, he or she will assess the overall efficiency of your furnace.  A trained, licensed (not to mention, experienced) technician will be able to test several areas of your furnace operation to ascertain its level of operational efficiency.  The professional technician will also have your safety foremost in mind because it is not only a matter of your furnace running smoothly, but safely as well.