Rebates for Draftproofing Vancouver Homes

Draftproofing Your Home

You pay enough to your utility companies. Did you know you can receive money back in return for making energy-efficient improvements? Even better, these improvements are going to save you money on your utility bills too. Homeowners in BC, including those in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, and Langley, are eligible for grants from FortisBC for draftproofing, insulation, and Energy Smart fans, but these programs won’t last forever. Don’t delay: Read on to learn how each of these grants can make your home more efficient and your energy costs less burdensome. This week we’ll tackle draftproofing.

What is Draftproofing?

All homes ventilate by allowing air to flow from the outside in and the inside out. Some of that ventilation is desired. Much of that ventilation, though, comes through cracks and leaks around the building. Those leaks allow the air you’ve paid to heat or cool to escape to the outdoors. It means you have to turn your heat higher in winter and, if you have air conditioning, you have to run it more in the summer. Draftproofing is the process of finding those trouble spots and patching them up, so the only ventilation in your home is the planned, not accidental.

Finding Leaks

Some common trouble spots for air leakage are common sense, such as under doors and around windows. But for best results, hire a qualified HVAC technician to conduct an energy assessment. HVAC technicians have specialized methods of finding even the least obvious leaks, such as using a blower door test. At the same time, the technician can identify areas that require insulation.

Fixing Leaks

Fixing leaks can be surprisingly simple. Two of the most common tools are caulking and weatherstripping. Doors require weatherstripping or a door sweep. Use window covers or plastic to seal around single pane windows. Draftproofing can be achieved with supplies from the local home improvement store.

Ensuring Adequate Ventilation

There’s another good reason to involve an HVAC technician in your draftproofing process. Draftproofing will reduce the ventilation in your house. An HVAC professional will ensure your ventilation system is adequate to prevent mold growth or the build-up of unhealthy contaminants.

Dollars and Cents

Draftproofing can save you up to 10% on your heating bill with a low initial investment. In addition, FortisBC customers are eligible for up to $500 in grants for draftproofing upgrades. Contact FortisBC for more information.

Pro Ace Vancouver HVAC Technicians

Interested in draft proofing or other rebate-eligible upgrades? FortisBC offers rebates for energy-efficient upgrades to customers in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, and Langley. Pro Ace HVAC professionals can help you take advantage of the rebates you’re entitled to. Pro Ace supplies HVAC professionals to home and business owners throughout the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley area.

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