Duct Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions: Vancouver Duct Cleaning FAQ

Duct Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions


Should you consider getting your ducts cleaned or inspected?

If you live in the Greater Vancouver area — Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Langley, Surrey and surrounding areas — you’re probably aware of the health risks in your environment. Lower Mainland residents are known for loving their clean environment and being careful to preserve it. But air pollution isn’t just an outdoor problem. Indoor air quality can also be an issue in Vancouver, especially in the winter when you’re heating your home and recycling your air through a forced air system. In that respect, duct cleaning and air duct filter changes can assist you in creating a healthy indoor environment for your family or business.

Is forced air heating & air duct cleaning common in Vancouver BC?

Duct cleaning refers to the cleaning of the various heating and cooling components of a forced air system. Forced air heating is the most common form of heating in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Langley and Surrey areas. Unless these systems are correctly installed and maintained, they can become contaminated with particles of dust or pollen. They can also be affected by mold. Duct cleaning is part of the maintenance of a forced air heating system.

A Pro Ace heating and cooling professional will use specialized tools to dislodge dirt and debris, and will use a powerful vacuum to remove the residue.

Why would I have my air ducts cleaned?

Air ducts are one of the sources of dust in a home. Cleaning air ducts is never harmful, but there are situations in which it is especially important to consider air duct cleaning. Do any of the following apply to your home or building?

1) Mold in Air Ducts
  • Mold on the sheet metal surface of your ducts or inside heating and cooling components can create a health hazard.
  • If you suspect you may have mold in your ducts, consult a professional to test and verify your suspicions.
  • Not all parts of the heating system are visible to a non-professional.
  • A Pro Ace heating and cooling professional will know where to look and, if you have mold, how to remove it.
2) Vermin or Insects in Air Ducts
  • Have you had problems with vermin or insects?
  • A duct infested or recently infested with vermin of any sort requires professional attention.


3) Dust or Debris in Air Ducts
  • Are your ducts clogged with dust or debris? This is particularly important to consider after a home renovation. If you suspect that your duct is dislodging excess dust or debris into your environment, an Pro Ace professional can check the system for you.
  • Do you suspect that someone in your family is suffering from an environmental illness? If so, duct vent cleaning is one of the avenues you should consider.


Forced Air Heating & Cooling Maintenance Specialists In Vancouver BC

Forced air systems are an efficient method of heating homes, but they do require some maintenance. If you suspect your ducts may require cleaning by you are not sure, consult an Pro Ace HVAC professional. A Pro Ace heating and cooling specialist can guide you through the decision making process, including performing any necessary inspections, and complete the cleaning procedure if you decide that it is necessary.

Pro Ace Electrical Contractors are also available to assist home and business with owners throughout the Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, and Langley area for any electrical work you need done as well.

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