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Five Safety Tips for your Gas Fireplace

 A gas fireplace makes an elegant and fantastic addition to any home, providing a warm glowing centerpiece for any room in the chilly rains of fall or cold winter months.  Pro Ace Heating in carries a wide selection of fantastic gas fireplaces in Vancouver BC –a large variety of makes and models from big brand name manufacturers.  And for those of you looking to get a new fireplace, or if you already have one in your home, we want to go over some basic tips for your fireplace, to ensure your system is working safely.

  1. Pilot Light Safety.  The pilot light is an important part of your system, the flame that ignites the fire.  It is important that you know and understand the proper procedure for igniting the pilot light.  Some systems have an igniter, while others require a match or a flame.  And be sure not to keep the pilot light ignited if the fireplace is not going to be in use for long periods of time.  It is both wasteful, and less safe than simply turning the pilot light off.
  2. Log Safety.  Before igniting a fire in your fireplace, be sure to check over the artificial logs, to make sure that they are not dirty or covered with other materials.  Any debris should be removed, and if the logs are dirty they may need to be removed and cleaned.  And whenever you do remove the logs for any reason, remember to replace them exactly as you found them.
  3. Glass Door Safety.  The glass door should be clean, both inside and outside, and should not have any visible cracks or damages.  It is important to clean the glass doors regularly, and to remove any build up on the windows before it becomes problematic.
  4. Cleaning Safety.  Always, always, always remember to turn the pilot light and gas valve off before doing any cleaning or maintenance.  Also, make sure that you consult the manual for the proper cleaning methods for your fireplace and don’t use any unsafe fluids or tools.  If the manual doesn’t list proper fluids, or if you are ever unsure, consult an expert who can offer the right advice.
  5. Expert Safety.  Remember to have a professional inspection annually, as recommended by BC Fortis, who will maintain the fireplace’s good working condition.  It’s also important to contact a repairman right away if you are experiencing any problems with your fireplace.  Whether visible damage, strange noises, or not working properly, a repairman is the trained professional that can solve the problem.

These further tips should also help you maintain your gas fireplace – to keep it working in great condition and running properly for a long, long time.  They are simple and usually only take a quick inspection and a few minutes time, and are worth the effort for the benefit of your home system.  Most fireplaces also have a shut-off valve that will kill the gas feed completely.  It’s an excellent idea to familiarize yourself with the location, and how to shut the system down in an emergency.

If you require gas fire place repair, inspection, or more information contact Pro Ace in Vancouver BC