More Rebates for BC Customers: Insulation

Insulation Rebates for BC Customers

It’s time for our fifth and final blog in a series all about taking advantage of great BC Hydro and FortisBC rebates. Energy consumers throughout Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Langley, and Surrey are eligible for a variety of home energy rebates from their utility companies. Since many of those rebates are going to expire at the end of March, now is a great time to review them, so you have time to get moving, make changes, and save yourself some money! Rebates are an amazing way to fund some home improvements and home maintenance. Take a look; Some of these may already be on your home improvement wishlist. So far we’ve addressed rebates for draft-proofing, bathroom fans, and space heating rebates draft-proofing, and natural gas water heaters. Today, we’re on to the last topic: Insulation Rebates.

Why Insulate?

We insulate our homes and buildings when we apply materials designed to slow heat loss. An uninsulated home is much more expensive to heat, because much of the heat the homeowner has provided and paid for is lost to the outdoors. An insulated home prevents that heat loss. Insulation can also assist in keeping a home cool in the summer, since unwanted heat is kept outside and air-conditioned air kept inside. Since energy isn’t free, a better-insulated house will save you money. It also gives the environment a helping hand. In addition to thermal insulation, insulation is available that reduces sound.

How do I Know I Need to Insulate?

The best way to identify a possible insulation problem is to obtain a full home energy evaluation, such as an EnerGuide home evaluation. If this isn’t possible, there are signs that insulation is necessary. Look for cold walls and floors in the winter, high heating/cooling costs, and mold on walls or in the basement.

What Types of Insulation Will FortisBC Provide Rebates For?

FortisBC provides the following insulation rebates:

  • Exterior wall insulation, up to $1200;
  • Basement insulation, up to $1000;
  • Attic insulation, up to $600;
  • Exposed floor and joist header insulation, up to $450.

How Do I Claim My Rebate?

FortisBC highly suggests having an EnerGuide energy evaluation before deciding where and how to apply insulation. Apply the insulation by March 31, 2015, and ask your energy advisor — the person who did the evaluation — to have a look at the improvements. Then fill out the application for a rebate available at the FortisBC website and mail it to:

Home Energy Rebate Offer

P.O. Box 9090
Surrey, BC
V3T 5W4

The application must be postmarked no later than April 30, 2015.

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