Checklist Before You Call The Repairman

Sometimes calls to our furnace repairmen can be avoided by checking for these very simple and often overlooked things.

Consider these simple steps first before you start any work on your furnace.

5 Things to Check

  1. Check your filter. One of the biggest reasons that your furnace may be acting up is a dirty furnace or air duct filter which causes the unit to overheat. Simply change the filter and then restart the furnace.
  2. Try the reset button. If the unit still doesn’t start, wait 30 minutes and press the reset button. Hitting the reset button this may fix any problems that you are having with your gas furnace. If your furnace still does not work properly after resetting it, then you may need to call a service technician.
  3. Make sure the door cover is on properly. Your furnace will not start if the door cover is not on properly.
  4. How many registers are closed? Closing off more than 20 % of the registers can cause high resistance and unnecessary heat build up in the furnace.
  5. Check if the furnace switch in the “ON”. It may have been accidentally turned off.


If you still have any questions or problems, our friendly furnace maintenance representatives are always ready to assist you at (604) 293-3770.