Furnace Repair Richmond

Even the very best machines will wear down through constant use, requiring some maintenance or in the extreme, serious repairs or replacement of components.  Regular maintenance performed by a reputable company goes a long way to preserving the smooth operation of your furnace in Richmond.  Regular replacement of the filters is job one.  Furnace repair in Richmond should be a rare event, but when necessary, it should be undertaken with haste, not only to preserve your comfort zone, but to maintain the safety of your environment.  Oh yes, and also to keep your overall expenditures low! 

If you notice any of the following symptoms, call Pro Ace to get their best advice on furnace repair in Richmond: any new or unusual noises, inconsistent performance, smoke, leaks, cracks appearing in ducts, pipes or the furnace body, pilot light failure, the furnace produces less heat, corrosion on pipe fittings and joints, intermittent kicking in and shutting off, fan blower won’t turn off, thermostat malfunction, or “popping” ductwork.  And of course, if you smell any gas or detect any changes in the air quality in your home or office, you should pick up the phone and talk to Pro Ace.  Pro Ace will probably also contact Fortis B.C. before dispatching a repair van to your establishment.

The best combination of factors ensuring your safety, comfort and minimal expenditures is

1) a reputable HVAC company

2) a state of the art heating unit

3) regular maintenance. 

A reputable HVAC company will always provide free advice designed to balance the quality of your home temperature and breathable air with the lowest costs possible.  Pro Ace has built its formidable clientele with quality service and customer relations. 

Pro Ace is also the only company to use Tablet Technology in its service, maintenance and repair processes.  This ensures an orderly, complete, efficient and cost-effective diagnostic process.  Furnace repair in Richmond could not be more professional and easy to understand.  Tablet Technology provides a detailed printout to the customer listing all operations, costs, and further recommendations to keep your furnace unit in Richmond operating at its most efficient.

On this note, it is important not to do any unnecessary repairs and the internet has some good information about common scams from unreputable companies.  These include the “Cracked Heat Exchanger” Scam, the “Bait and Switch” scam, and the “Duct Cleaning” scam.   An unscrupulous company may try to convince you that there are cracks in your heat exchanger leaking CO gas into your rooms.  This does occur, but it is a very rare event these days.  Always ask for proof, feel free to consult another repair company or phone Fortis B.C.  (Pro Ace is a recommended HVAC company on the Fortis B.C. website.)  A bait and switch begins with an offer of a free inspection (the bait) and then ends with a list of nonexistent problems (the switch) requiring immediate attention.  If you are suspicious, contact another company.  And don’t be persuaded by scare tactics.  It’s a similar situation with the air duct cleaning scam.  A reputable company will only suggest your air ducts require servicing when there is an excessive buildup of mold, dust or debris and will be able to prove it to you.  Here is a good site to consult: http://www.csirouniverseblog.com/beware-of-this-common-furnace-repair-scam/

Pro Ace built its reputation one customer at a time.  Pro Ace now boasts of over 80,000 satisfied customers and we are still growing.  Our main concerns are customer relations, safety, comfort and the lowest costs possible.  For all concerns Furnace Repair in Richmond, call us at your earliest convenience.