Time to call your furnace service experts in Vancouver

Fight Winter’s Chill with your Furnace Maintenance Pros

There is no doubt there is a chill in the air in the Vancouver area. That can mean only one thing: It spells the need for furnace service.

Pro Ace Heating & Cooling Ltd is ready to deliver just what you deserve: a warm, comfortable and safe home. When the winter rains start falling in the Vancouver area, having regular furnace service is not a luxury. It can reduce the need for eventual furnace repair and and limit the kind of problems that raise energy bills. When you first turn on your furnace this season, you might notice squeaks, rattles and rumbles. That can spell a motor failing or just making noise. It can also be caused by an air leak. If itʼs a high-pitched squealing, check the gaps or joints where the sheet metal is connected.

Furnace Repairs for the Vancouver Area

If you canʼt do furnace repair it yourself, call in the professionals. Itʼs best to stay on top of problems. Fixing them early and thoroughly can save you money in the long term. Contact Pro Ace today at 604-293-3770 today