Furnace Service and Maintenance North Vancouver

Furnace Service and Maintenance North Vancouver

Human beings are loath to perform regular service and maintenance procedures on their possessions.  Not only do we live more and more for the moment, but we are reluctant to spend money on something that seems to be operating efficiently now.  However, when it comes to your furnace in North Vancouver, three issues are crucial considerations: safety, efficiency and cost.  In this regard, the B.C. Safety Authority recommends servicing your North Vancouver furnace once a year.  Although modern furnaces are safeguarded against gas leaks, they can occur and a regular furnace service and maintenance procedure performed by a certified technician will give your furnace a clean bill of health.  And it will continue to run efficiently and keep your costs down. 

Yearly Furnace Service and Maintenance Inspection

What is involved in a regular yearly furnace service and maintenance inspection in North Vancouver?  The furnace service and maintenance procedure is a comprehensive examination of the entire furnace operation and condition.  The technician checks the thermostat settings appropriate to your comfort zone, saving your energy usage when you are away.  He or she will also check the condition of the filters, all the electrical connections, pressure switches, pilot light, voltage and current, the function of all the various control units, the gas connections, and the burners and heat exchangers.  The technician will also check the drain and the ducts to make sure they are free of obstructions. And the technician will lubricate the motor and other moving parts to ensure smoothness of operation.

Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning has a large leg up on the competition when it comes to North Vancouver furnace service and maintenance.  This is due to its reliance on Tablet Technology.  Pro Ace is the only company to use this system, making its diagnosis of your furnace in North Vancouver more reliable than other furnace companies.  Tablet Technology is a multi-point check list to ensure that the steps in the furnace service and maintenance are followed in a precise order and that no steps are left out.  It also allows for oversight directly from the head office. Tablet Technology helps the technicians confirm that your North Vancouver furnace is operating according to the manufacturer’s specifications. It will determine if your North Vancouver furnace is over-fired or under-fired.  And, most importantly, it will establish whether your North Vancouver furnace is burning too much gas.

With Tablet Technology, the North Vancouver customer receives a printout detailing the multi-point inspection of his or her furnace, including any issues regarding wear and tear.  The printout will also include recommendations for continuing furnace servicing and maintenance, as well as a fully detailed list of the costs and benefits of recommended repairs.  Nothing is left out. Pro Ace’s Tablet Technology is the state of the art method in furnace service and maintenance in North Vancouver.  

Pro Ace services and maintains all brand name furnaces currently on the market.  These include Trane energy efficient furnaces, Carrier energy saving gas furnaces, Rheem efficient direct spark ignition furnaces, American Standard efficient furnaces, and Goodman furnaces. But keep in mind, the technicians working for Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning are well-versed in all furnaces currently in operation in North Vancouver (and the other areas of the Lower Mainland). No matter how old your furnace is, the Pro Ace technician can offer you a professional furnace service and maintenance procedure.  Call us at your convenience with any questions.  All our advice is free, 24 hours a day!