How To Check Your Air Conditioning Unit When Broken

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Today we offer some diagnostic advice for your Air Conditioning unit in Vancouver. If, for instance, your air conditioner in Vancouver loses cooling, you can perform some simple checks by yourself.  But, as always, for Vancouver air conditioning repair questions and concerns, you might like to simply give us a call.  

If, for instance, your Vancouver air conditioner stops running, you can do the following:

First, check the thermostat setting.  Set the thermostat to (at least) five degrees below room temperature.  Check that the thermostat is set to “Cool” (not “Off” or “Heat”). Next, check that the electrical controls are on.  Check the switches, including the ones outside the house, the ones inside the air handler, the fuses or circuit breakers in the electrical panel, and the blower compartment door switch. 


You can find a complete list of Air Conditioner controls on this site


Or you can contact Pro Ace and we would be happy to supply you with any information you might be interested in. 


Next check for condensate spillage in the overflow pan.  Your unit may be equipped with an overflow switch that will shut down the unit when the condensate gets too high.  If that is the case, sponge out the unit (carefully) and then call Pro Ace for further advice.


If the unit is still out of commission, you should probably phone Pro Ace to be guided through a few next steps. 


If, on the other hand the air conditioning unit is running but not blowing cool air, check the outside unit to see if it is running.  If not, check the switch on the unit, the condensing coil for damage or blockage.


If you have no luck at this point, we advise contacting Pro Ace to see if the problem is more serious.


In the case that your air conditioning unit in Vancouver has weak air output, then do the following: first, check that your air filters are relatively clean.  Ideally, filters should be changed every three months.  Next check the ducts and the air supply registers.  The registers should be open and unobstructed.  The ducts should be clear of debris.


Again, at this point, if your haven’t been able to repair the problem, contact Pro Ace and we can either advise over the phone or send a Red Seal refrigerant technician over to your home or office to diagnose the problem with our revolutionary Tablet Technology.  Pro Ace is the only HVAC repair service company to use this state-of-the-art technology, which ensures a professional error-free diagnosis of any HVAC system that you might have.  In Vancouver, for expert air conditioning repair, call Pro Ace.