Benefits of Installing a Ceiling Fan

Benefits of Installing a Ceiling Fan

It’s warmer in the Lower Mainland than it used to be. Residents of Vancouver and the lower mainland including North Vancouver, Burnaby, Langley, Richmond, and Surrey are looking for ways to keep their indoor spaces cool. Did you know that one way a licensed electrical contractor can assist you in keeping your house cool is by helping you install a ceiling fan? Ceiling fans may seem like a minor installation, but they have lots of big benefits for both new construction and as upgrades or renovations.

Ceiling fans are electrically powered mechanical fans that are suspended from the ceiling. They have a hub with a motor and rotating blades (also called paddles). The rotating paddles move air. Unlike an air conditioning unit that directly cools the air, ceiling fans move the air only. By circulating air throughout the room, ceiling fans help to control the temperature of the room.

Ceiling Fans are Economical

Ceiling fans come in a wide range of models, and in cost they go as low as $20 or as high as over $10,000. You can get a good unit that meets your needs for a few hundred dollars though, making a ceiling fan a very cost efficient way to cool a room. Ceiling fans are less expensive than most of the ways we choose to control temperature, and for a low cost, you can pick a model with a good motor. Choose a larger fan for a larger space to derive the maximum temperature controlling benefit.

Ceiling fans will also save you money on your energy bill compared to running the air conditioner. Turning on the ceiling fan uses about the same energy as turning on a 100 Watt light bulb, and there are Energy Star-rated models that are even more efficient than that. Low energy usage will lower your Hydro bill.

Ceiling Fans are Environmentally Friendly

In addition to being good for the pocket book, ceiling fans are good for the planet. That low energy usage is very green, and that’s a big concern to residents of the Greater Vancouver Area. Energy Star models are greenest of all.

Ceiling Fans And Heating in the Winter

Ceiling fans can run in reverse, helping to move the cold air upwards and driving warm air down. They’re a year-round advantage for your home or building.

Attractive and Safe Installations

Ceiling fans come in a variety of models that blend with your room’s decor. Compared to a desk or floor fan, a ceiling fan is safer for kids and pets, since a ceiling fan is up high and out of the way of curious children or animals.

How to Get a Pro Ace Estimate for your Installation

Are you interested in installing a ceiling fan? Considering a ceiling fan but not sure it’s the right solution for you? A Pro Ace licensed electrician can help you make the decision. Using a Pro Ace electrician ensures that your fan will be installed safely. If you are having difficulties with an existing fan, a Pro Ace electrician can troubleshoot and repair your problem. If you are anywhere in the Vancouver area, give Pro Ace a call at 604-293-3770 to speak to a licensed today!