Port Coquitlam Heating Repair and Installation Tips on How To Service

Needless to say it’s unusually cold outside for this time of the year in Port Coquitlam.  We depend on our heating units and often take them for granted.  Whether you are using a furnace or a boiler unit, it is important to make sure that it is operating properly and will continue to do so for the duration of its lifetime.  That means a regular furnace or boiler service conducted by a Port Coquitlam HVAC professional company with years of experience.  Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning has been servicing furnaces and boilers in Port Coquitlam (and the Lower Mainland) for over 22 years and can now count more than 80,000 customers.  Pro Ace employs only Red Seal certified technicians who use Tablet Technology in all their HVAC procedures.  Tablet Technology (unique to Pro Ace) ensures systematic furnace and boiler servicing procedures.  The technology produces a written report about the condition and operation of your Port Coquitlam furnace or boiler and all estimated costs.  Tablet Technology is a state-of-the-art diagnostic device that ensures the continued smooth operation of your heating unit and also saves you unnecessary expenses.  It makes furnace and boiler servicing quick, easy and cost-efficient.

Port Coquitlam Heating Repairs – Life Extension


Should your HVAC unit require some repairs beyond a regular servicing (such as change of filters and lubrication) Pro Ace’s technicians can offer you much valuable advice about how to cut costs while extending the life of your furnace or boiler in Port Coquitlam.  Pro Ace believes in creating customer relationships as our first line of priorities.  So we hire only personable, communicative technicians who hold our customers’ concerns close to their hearts.  You can speak to one right now by phoning our head office. 

Port Coquitlam Heating Installation – Bestowing New Life to Your Comfort Zone


On the other hand, perhaps your old Port Coquitlam furnace or boiler unit has run its course and you should consider the installation of a new one.  The installation of a new state-of-the-art furnace or boiler may save you money over continuing to make repairs on your existing unit.  The technology has improved so much since your first furnace installation that you will save, by some estimates, hundreds of dollars a year by replacing your forced air system.  If you are currently heating your home or office in Port Coquitlam with an electrical furnace, you will save money by switching to a natural gas high efficiency furnace.  The new high efficiency forced air furnaces are less expensive to operate for several reasons.  They are more efficient and, of course, natural gas is cheaper than electricity. And the newer furnaces are approximately 98 percent energy efficient (older ones may be only half as much).

Port Coquitlam Heating – The Best Advice


While the decision to service, repair or install a furnace or boiler unit in Port Coquitlam may seem daunting at first, Pro Ace can map out your optimal strategy in an afternoon.  We are always willing to visit your home or office in Port Coquitlam and inspect your furnace or boiler to give you the best options for the future.  And we may be able to give you all this valuable advice on the phone.  During our 22 years in business we have not only streamlined our diagnostic processes, we have perfected simplicity in explaining your most cost-effective choices.