Regular Medical Checkup, A Furnace Service and Maintenance For Coquitlam Homes

Regular Medical Checkup, A Furnace Service and Maintenance For Coquitlam Homes

Your furnace in Coquitlam may be operating smoothly and for several years.  So much so that we just forget about it.  But, like a regular medical checkup, a furnace service and maintenance procedure will result in continued reliable operation as well as lowered repair costs.  It will also ensure the safety of your home environment in Coquitlam for years to come. 

Yearly Furnace Service and Maintenance Recommended by Fortis B.C.

Fortis B.C. recommends a yearly furnace service and maintenance in Coquitlam (at least).  Fortis’ main concern is the safety of your Coquitlam home (or office).  Although gas leaks are extremely rare, it just makes good sense to safeguard against any and all contingencies. 

When you think about it, your Coquitlam furnace is in operation as many as 2000 hours each year.  So continued lubrication is extremely important.  To maintain the efficiency of your furnace, secure its safe operation, and lower your repair bills.  It’s like your car in that respect. 

A reasonable investment in a furnace service and maintenance procedure now will prevent expensive repair bills down the road.  And you want to avoid having to replace your furnace because it has simply tired out.  Call Pro Ace any time for a furnace service and maintenance estimate in Coquitlam.  Remember, all our advice is free, whether you are an existing customer or not. 

And Pro Ace can advise you about the warranty requirements for your furnace in Coquitlam.  Voiding the manufacturer’s warranty by forgetting to arrange regular furnace service and maintenance is just not necessary.  Pro Ace can arrange regular furnace service and maintenance so you don’t have to think about it ever again.  We will contact you in advance of the appointment and arrange a suitable time to stop by your residence in Coquitlam. 

The following are some of the regular procedures in a Coquitlam furnace service and maintenance:

·         Check operation of safety limit controls

·         Check temperature set points

·         Check operation of thermostat

·         Examine vent connector and inspect entire venting system and termination

·         Lubricate blower and motor bearings

·         Clean and inspect grill, fan and blower assembly

·         Check blower speed and operation

·         Check pressure switches and vent blower (if applicable)

·         Inspect burners and clean if required

·         Examine Heat exchanger for cracks or holes

·         Check and adjust pilot

·         Check flame rectification

·         Measure stack (flue) temperature

·         Check gas piping to furnace

·         Check for Gas Leaks

·         Check for Carbon Monoxide

·         Check and replace filters


Important things to know about Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning Company

We have been in business over 22 years now with over 80,000 satisfied customers.  You can read many of their happy testimonials on our website .  We offer 24 hour emergency service whether you are an existing customer or not.  Pro Ace employs only Red Seal certified technicians.  And we are the only company to use Tablet Technology which ensures an error-free, low-cost diagnostic procedure. 

We make every effort to stay ahead of the curve of innovative technologies.  The industry is changing and improving all the time—new systems, new materials, and new theories.  Furnace service and maintenance in Coquitlam is easy, efficient and cost-friendly when it is undertaken by Pro Ace.  All our quotes and estimates are in writing and, needless to say, all our work is guaranteed. 

One last thing: we are friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to.  We built our business by building customer relationships, one at a time. 





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