Should I Get My Air Ducts Cleaned?

For all issues pertaining to air duct cleaning in Vancouver, Pro Ace is the one company you can rely on 100%.  This is important in a world where information is becoming increasingly suspect.  Especially where the selling of services is concerned.  Pro Ace is not a fly-by-night company that depends for its existence on the next up sale. Pro Ace has been in business for over 22 years and has earned the trust (and admiration) of over 80,000 clients all over the Lower Mainland.  All our advice is free and we are happy to discuss your questions and concerns about all your HVAC components whether we installed them or not.  Feel free to contact us at any time to speak with a friendly knowledgeable professional. 

So the first question is:  should I get my air ducts cleaned?


Dirty air ducts come in various conditions depending on the quantity and quality of deposits in the ducts.  The worst condition would be the presence of vermin (mice) or insects calling for immediate attention.  Next, the presence of mold should be attended to fairly quickly.  Visible mold on the inside of the ducts may indicate the presence of mold in areas of your heating unit that can only be accessed by a technician; so be sure you get a complete clean bill of health from your air duct cleaning company in Vancouver.  Also note that what looks like mold may actually be some other kind of deposit, and a reputable company will be able to tell you what it is.  In some cases, the mold will be serious enough to warrant the complete replacement of the duct system.  A reputable company like Pro Ace will give you a competent diagnosis in all cases in consideration of saving you money.  The thing to remember is that these conditions—the presence of organic matter—will only increase over time.  Organic matter grows and multiplies. 

The third condition requiring air duct cleaning is excessive amounts of debris and/or dust that is released into your home environment. 

While cleaning only the ducts may not actually improve the efficiency (including cost savings) of the heating system, a complete cleaning of the system has been shown to improve the system’s life as well as its operational efficiency.  So ask your air duct cleaning company in Vancouver whether it is a good idea to get a complete service and maintenance of your system.

If you decide to get your air ducts cleaned in Vancouver, be sure to get a complete description of what the service provider will do to clean the air ducts.  If the air duct cleaning company suggests the application of chemicals to the inside of the ducts to prevent future build-up, ask them for a complete description of the chemicals and whether there are any risks from them. 

A reputable company will clean not only the supply and return air ducts, but also the registers, grilles, diffusers, heat exchangers, coils, drip pans, fan motor, fan housing and the air handling unit housing.  Pro Ace is the only company to use Tablet Technology in their repair and service operations which, for one, provides the customer with a complete list of operations performed.

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