Symptoms that your heating unit or HAVAC system may need repair for North Vancouver residents

Symptoms that your heating unit or HAVAC system may need repair for North Vancouver residents


At this time of year in North Vancouver, you may have some questions regarding your HVAC system in your home or office.  It has been very cold and if your system is not doing the job, you may be wondering if it needs a service and maintenance visit by a trained technician or perhaps if it needs repairs.  Heating repairs are not a regular thing if your heating system is new and has been serviced and maintained with regularity.  If you have not yet registered with a reputable HVAC company for regular service and maintenance, we would suggest you do so as soon as you can.  Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning will place you on a regular schedule and stop by to keep your system up to date.  Whether you have a furnace or boiler system, Pro Ace has Red Seal certified technicians who are experts in every HVAC system, no matter how old.  Note that Pro Ace is always available for free advice on the phone or by email.  Friendly, patient, free advice.  Any time. 

In case you were wondering, Pro Ace has been in business for well over 22 years and has a customer base of over 80,000 HVAC users.  Pro Ace remains the number one choice for professional, meticulous, furnace, boiler, and other heating units, installation, service and repairs. 

Some of the systems that your heating unit may need repair are:

·        a malfunctioning thermostat

·        a sudden loss of heat or hot water

·        leaking water or other fluids

·        intermittent shutting off and kicking in of the unit

·        steam or gas leaks

·        ruptured pipes

·        gas odors

·        strange noises

Most of the time, these issues can be corrected at minimal cost.  Uniquely, Pro Ace uses Tablet Technology to diagnose heating repair issues which ensures accuracy as well as efficiency.  North Vancouver customers receive a printout detailing all service and repair issues relating to the heating unit together with all cost estimates.  Needless to say, all our work is guaranteed.

Pro Ace has a 24 hour emergency repair line, so should an issue require immediate attention, we can be there in as short a time as it takes to drive to your home or office in North Vancouver.   

On the other hand, in many cases we can advise you how you can try some things to fix the problem yourself, thus avoiding unnecessary costs.  Sometimes resetting the thermostat fixes the problem.  Sometimes tightening or loosening the belt does the trick.  In many cases, the furnace or boiler needs some lubrication and it may be prudent to have a technician visit to make sure the right lubricant is used in the appropriate places.

Pro Ace is concerned about your safety and home comfort in North Vancouver, to say nothing of your expenses. As best we can, we attempt to fix all problems without unnecessary repairs. Heating repair in North Vancouver should be as painless as possible.  So if you think your heating unit in North Vancouver needs some TLC, begin by contacting Pro Ace to get some initial free advice.  If we are unable to resolve the issue on the phone, we will be happy to drop by for a free inspection.  Pro Ace means heating repair in North Vancouver with No Worries!