Hot Water tank Installation

Free, no-obligation hot water tank replacement estimate!

Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning is the pre-eminent installation company for hot water tanks.  Whether you are doing a new construction project and need a free estimate or consultation, or retrofitting and replacing an older hot water tanks, we have what you need.  We remove and recycle your old system.  And we deliver and completely install your new hot water tank so that it is ready to start heating your home taps or office to an optimally comfortable climate.  We recommend calling FortisBC to see what rebates are currently available.


Pro Ace Heating and Air conditioning professionals are able to maintain, repair, and install a vast armada of Rheem hot water tank installation , bradford white hot water tank installation and  john wood hot water tank installation

Why Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning hot water tank Installation!

1-      We have licensed, Insured gas technicians with years of experience
2-      FortisBC trade ally member to get Rebates
3-      Financing available
4-      If there is any issue with our work we will back at no charge to rectify it.
5-      We provide a list of our work to safety authority Inspectors to ease up the permit process.
6-      We have been in business since 1995 and we have over 80,000 clients in lower mainland
7-      We schedule a time that is most convenient for you and we arrive on-time.
8-      No surprising prices when dealing with us. Honest pricing, No surprising prices.
9-      Reasonable Rates and great prices
10-      Free estimate on line or at home
11-    Match competitor prices
12-    Confirming our installation plan before starting our work,  Disconnecting and disposal of the existing unit, Piping, Electrical, Fittings, Insulation, Venting and Gas Lines.
13-      Labour Warranty


For new hot water tank installation, 40 gallon hot water tank installation, 50 gallon hot water tank installation , 60 gallon hot water tank installation , Indirect hot water tank installation, storage gallon water tank installation, electric hot water tank installation, and any other water heater needs, call Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning for expert advice and free consultations.


Pro Ace Heating installs the best hot water tank on the market. We have the brands and models that you know and trust, like Rheem hot water heater, Rheem Energy Star hot water tank, John Wood hot water tank , Bradford White gallon hot water tank It is always best to get a professional to install your hot water heater.  Call Pro Ace at any time for a free consultation and price quote.  Pro Ace always recommends getting at least two other quotes to give you the confidence that you are getting the best estimate.  All our work is warrantied and guaranteed.  All installations are done by competent, licensed technicians.  Make sure you call FortisBC for the current available rebates.  And we offer one year, no payment, no interest financing on new hot water tank installations.  And we do repair and servicing on all hot water tanks.

Quick hot water tank FAQ:

Hot water tanks come in both electric and gas models.  Their usual life expectancy is between 6 to 8 years.  They may conceivably last between 10 to 15 years, but with hot water heaters you always have to consider the possibility of algae buildup in the tank.  The tanks come in 40, 50 and 60 imperial gallons for home or office use.  Commercial establishments may require larger varieties.  Hot water heaters heat your water to between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  Call Pro Ace with any questions or concerns about the latest hot water tanks options.


Our technicians have the capability to the job right the first time with these brands of hot water tanks:

Rheem hot water heater, Rheem Energy Star hot water tank, John Wood, Bradford White.


Some things to consider before you replace your hot water tank:

  1. Level of noise of the hot water heater
  2. Level of efficiency of the hot water heater
  3. The overall warranty on your current hot water heater (or other HVAC system)
  4. The overall cost of a brand new hot water tank
  5. Monthly energy costs of the hot water tank
  6. Cost of maintenance for the hot water tank
  7. Age of your current hot water tank
  8. Likelihood of needing repairs on your current hot water tank
  9. Required size of the hot water heater for your home


Questions you may have:

How long will it take to install my new hot water tank?

Hot water heaters usually take four hours to install.  Before you decide to contact a hot water tank installer, get a couple of estimates and then call Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning.  We offer free written estimates and will visit your home and office to help you decide where to place your new hot water heater.  We will explain the warranty, tell you about any rebates available, and give you a complete outline of how to operate, service and care for your hot water heater.  We are concerned that your operating costs are minimized over the lifetime of the heater.

How do I know I need a new hot water heater?

If your hot water tank is more than 6 years old, you should get it inspected by a professional technician to get the best advice on hot water tank replacement.  Otherwise, if you notice any signs of leakage from the tank, decreases in water quality, temperature of or duration of the hot water supply, contact a hot water tank specialist immediately.  Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning will be please to inspect your hot water tank and offer you the best advice.


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