Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioner

Having problems with your air conditioner? Here are some common troubleshooting problems and solutions to help you understand what might be causing the problem and keep your air conditioner in tip top shape.

1. Puttering Noises

Puttering or sputtering noises are a fairly good indication that something is wrong with the air conditioner motor. Old motors may need replacement and damage motors may need a quick repair. There is also a chance of the motor being blocked or impeded which can cause the noise.

2. Wheezing or Hissing

These noises are usually indicators that there is a break in the coiling or duct work resulting in a leak. The noises is generated from the gas escaping which causes the system fail to cool. These breakages can be caused by external damage or simply worn out and may need to be serviced or replaced.

3. Creaking and Squeaking

Unpleasant creaking and squeaking noises are most commonly coming from the fan that has been disconnected from the fan belt, especially if the noises are sharp and piercing and consistent. The fan belt can wear down over time and needs to be replaced over the life of the air conditioning system.

4. Buzzing and Whirring

A buzzing sound is usually a sign of some kind of electrical problem, or issues with the wiring in your air conditioner.  It could be that something is disconnected, or an electrical circuit is damaged. In this case, it is best to turn off your a/c unit and call for a professional to service your unit. Electrical problems can be big or small, and it is best to get a resolve by an expert.

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