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Air Conditioner Installation, Service, and Maintenance in Vancouver:

ProAce Heating and Cooling in Vancouver BC is an important friend when it comes to the installation, service, and maintenance of your air conditioning system.

An Air Conditioner, simply put, will displace hot air in your home with cool air. It’s a process of dehumidifying the air inside your home. Since humidity is the largest cause of mold and mildew build up in your home i.e. it is not recommended to shower without an exhaust fan and conversely it is not recommended to have an intake fan without the A/C unit running. This will pump humidified air into your home. Proace would like you to ensure that you’re using the most out of your A/C unit. Regular maintenance is crucial to increase efficiency and productivity of your unit. This will inevitably save you money on cooling your home, increase the longevity or your unit and prevent any inconvenient and costly breakdowns. recommends yearly air conditioning system servicing and pre-season checkups .

ProAce covers everything from air conditioning installation to servicing. Proace has qualified and field experienced technicians who have both the technical and people skills that make Proace Cooling stand out from the competitors.

Call ProAce in Vancouver for your repairs, service, or installation of your air conditioner.

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ProAce Heating and Cooling knows the importance of having a comfortable home and keeping your heating and cooling units running as efficiently as possible, resulting in a more economically heated and cooled home as well as keeping air clean, free of dust, toxins, contaminants and particulates.

At ProAce, we recommend you clean your air conditioner filtersdo more frequent HVAC check-ups along with annual duct cleaning — all of which can result in a great deal of benefits ranging from a healthier environment, optimized comfort, more efficient HVAC system and an all-around better home.

ProAce will also install a HEPA filter that will significantly lessen (about 99.97% less) the amount of particulates, such as bacterial mold, smoke and viruses, in the air inside your home. Surround yourself with clean, breathable air with the help Proace Heating and Cooling.

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