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Vancouver Air Duct Cleaning: Vancouver HVAC Service

Our Vancouver air duct cleaning service is crucial in keeping the air flowing through your home is clean and safe — free of allergens, mold, and bacteria.

The EPA and the National Air Duct Cleaners Association agree there is value in air duct cleaning. Homes with high efficiency windows, doors, and increased insulation reduce air transfer between inside and outside. This allows pollutants to enter your home and increase air contamination and results with you or your family inhaling the infected air if the home is not properly ventilated.

Pests, Nests, Fur, and Cigarette butts in Air Ducts, Oh my!

Air Duct cleaning  is especially important for old homes initially heated with a coal burning gravity system or oil heating as dust and debris build up tremendously. Newer homes often require air duct cleaning as well as pet fur, pests, leaves, cigarette butts, and a host of other things often end up clogging up a home’s air ducts.

In turn, this may cause respiratory issues, such as allergies, which will only get worse if the problem goes untreated.

Air Duct Cleaning: Pet Fur and Odour Removal

Bad odours can make their way into your ducts and become highly difficult to remove. Often with pets, fur and their toys can get caught in ducts and overtime accumulate a horrid stench and it can’t just be masked by fresheners or candles. To eliminate pet smell and other lingering odours, the best solution is to get the ducts cleaned. You won’t notice the smell again.

Though duct cleaning is a lengthy process (often taking up to 5 hours) the benefits easily outweigh the detriments of waiting and will create an infinitely more comfortable space for you to live and breathe in.

Duct Cleaning Saves Money

There are many reasons why HVAC maintenance actually saves you money,  not only does air duct cleaning and air filter cleaning keep the air in your home clean and safe, it improves air flow ensuring heating and air conditioning is getting into each room efficiently.

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