The Importance of Ventilation

HVAC Vancouver: Indoor Ventilation & Air Quality

Residents of Greater Vancouver, from North Vancouver to South Surrey, Burnaby to Richmond, all take pains to create an attractive, comfortable environment in their homes and businesses. An easily overlooked aspect of that environment is maintaining indoor air quality. How do we ensure that our building’s air quality is good? The answer lies in the V part of HVAC: Ventilation.

What is Ventilation?

In order for air in an indoor space to stay fresh and not stale, it has to move. This movement is referred to as ventilation. Ventilation replaces the air in an indoor space. Good ventilation controls moisture, allows outdoor air inside, replenishes oxygen, and prevents the development of unpleasant smells or bacteria. Good ventilation is essential to controlling moisture — a big concern in the Lower Mainland — and preventing a bad smell.

What are the risks of poor ventilation?

Poor ventilation can lead to:

– A bad smell in your home or business, particularly in bathrooms and food preparation areas;
– High levels of moisture;
– Airborne bacteria;
– Airborne disease;
– Lingering dust or smoke;
– Aggravation of environmental allergies;
– Illness;
– High levels of carbon dioxide;
– Low levels of oxygen.

How do we control ventilation?

Natural ventilation

There are two primary ways to control ventilation. The first is through what is called natural ventilation. This refers to ventilation that does not involve mechanical means, such as fans. Opening a window is a form of natural ventilation, but there are more sophisticated methods as well. Trickle vents, for example, are small holes that increase air circulation.

Mechanical ventilation

The second way to control ventilation is through mechanical ventilation, also called forced ventilation. This mainly refers to fans and exhausts located in strategic areas throughout your house. They replace indoor air with outdoor air. You can probably identify several in your own home: You probably have an exhaust fan above your stove, for example, as well as one in your bathroom. Ceiling fan installations are another example of mechanical ventilation.

How to Improve Ventilation

What can Vancouver residents do to ensure their ventilation system is sufficient for their home or business?
If you suspect that your ventilation system could use updating or maintenance, you should contact a local HVAC professional.

HVAC professionals are experts in how and why we ventilate. They are familiar with ventilation equipment and can give you tips on ways to improve your ventilation system, or just how best to make use of the ventilation system you have.

How to Contact a Pro Ace HVAC Professional

Air quality is something that can easily be overlooked, but no home or business owner should ignore it. Pro Ace has been helping Vancouver Area customers meet their ventilation needs for over 75 years.

Pro Ace HVAC professionals are ventilation experts. Contact Pro Ace at 604-293-3770 for a professional, timely answer to your ventilation concerns.