When Homeowners Should Call a Professional

It’s finally warm and sunny in the lower mainland! Most homeowners have turned off the heating in their home and soon will be getting ready to turn on the air conditioning. Before you do, be sure to know what to do yourself and what to leave to a professional.

Spring Cleaning Do’s and Dont’s

DO:After a forced air furnace is turned off for the season, there’s often lots of extra dust and dirt around vents and next to the unit itself. You can easily remove the vents and with a vacuum hose, clear away dust from the vent and the opening.

DON’T: You should not attempt to cut openings into the ductwork yourself. This is something you should leave to a professional. Openings are used to access ductwork and clear away anything that doesn’t belong. As a professional, we know how and where to properly create openings without causing any damages.

With the seasons changing, surrounding trees and plants can cause a big mess around the outside of a home. The branches and leaves that fall over a year can add up quickly.

DO: Keeping the area next to outdoor central air units clear helps to ensure the unit operates efficiently. You should remove any leaves, pine needles and branches from around the area regularly. We recommend doing so after each season throughout the year.

DON’T: You shouldn’t attempt to repair any electrical or water drains yourself. It’s crucial that your home’s AC unit is maintained and inspected by a professional every year. This improves efficiency and avoids expensive or avoidable repairs. Although it may seem simple and easy to check a drain hose, not spotting the signs of poor drainage can cause serious problems.

DO: Much like the outdoor unit of a central air conditioning system, split unit heat pumps should be kept clear of debris like leaves and dirt. You can routinely clean the filter in your heat pump with a vacuum hose, as well as replace them on schedule.

DON’T: If your heat pump doesn’t seem to be operating normally, you should not attempt to try to fix it yourself. Our technicians are specially trained with current technology and know exactly what to look for when there’s a problem. If your heat pump system has a warranty, it will also be voided if you don’t hire a licensed professional for service.

DO: Even though a furnace is turned off, you should still replace the air filters. Leaving a dirty filter in only causes the dust and dirt to become damp and sticky with the more humid weather. You should replace the dirty filters with new ones once the furnace is turned off. This also prevents mold and allergens in your home.

DON’T: If you’re unsure if what filters you should be using, you can always give our office a call. You shouldn’t use anything but the exact type filter recommended for your exact HVAC unit. We can also order the proper filters for you and save you hunting around for filters.