Why Spring is the Best Time for Air Duct Cleaning

Spring is here which means most people are getting ready for their annual Spring house cleaning. Besides your usual clean up routine, it’s important to clean the air in your home. Wait what? Clean my air? That’s right! We’re not talking about air purification but rather cleaning out the years of build up hiding in your furnace ducts and vents. There’s a lot more dust, pet dander and other dirt which collects over time than most people realize. Here are some good reasons you should schedule spring cleaning ducts at least every 2-3 years.

Dust To Mold

As the seasons change, so does the air all around us. The air becomes more moist and this can cause the dry dust in ducts to become sticky and even bring on mold and bacteria. If your home is equipped with central air conditioning system, this is much more likely to happen if the cold air is distributed on dirty build up. Any home with family members who suffer from respiratory problems or allergies should be especially concerned with this.

Timing Is Everything

Just about now, you’re probably getting ready to turn off your furnace for the season. This is the perfect time to have our expert technicians clean your home’s ducts and vents. Since the furnace is just now being turned off, the dirt inside hasn’t had time to dampen and settle or become stuck inside the cracks and crevices. We currently have our Spring special on, where you can get $100 off duct cleaning. It’s also the perfect time to have your furnace inspected. The last thing you want is to find out next winter, that there’s a problem with the unit itself. Plus, you’d be surprised at the money you can save with Spring sales on furnaces. Right now we’re offering a $500 rebate on Trane or Amristar furnaces, with no payment and no interest for 12 months.

Save Money All Year Round

Cleaning your home’s air ducts and vents regularly, helps to run your furnace fan more efficiently when is on summer mode or when there is an air conditioning attached. When there is more debris inside your ducts the fan will work harder and waste energy. In the long run, just like a vehicle, routine maintenance will save you money on larger repairs down the road.

Bugs, Creatures and Vermin… OH MY!

When you’re Spring cleaning the windows outside, you probably see some cobwebs and dead bugs. Bugs just love warm places to hide. What a warmer place than in vents and toasty heat tunnels? It’s pretty normal to have dead bugs inside ducts but there are also mice and other rodents that can get trapped. Again, another good reason to include this into your Spring cleaning this year!

Air Duct Cleaning Deals in Vancouver BC

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