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Ductless Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning used to be a luxury.  Today it is a necessity.  Not only are we getting used to air conditioned environments—homes, offices, stores, automobiles—air conditioning is now a function of home value.  But there’s more.  A ductless air conditioning system will purify the air you breathe by filtering out dust, pollen, odors, allergens, bacteria, mites, and other particles.  A ductless A.C. system produces a healthier comfort zone and may actually increase your lifespan.

Who is Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning?

Pro Ace is the pre-eminent HVAC company in the Lower Mainland.  We have devoted the lifetime of the company to making our customers more comfortable in their home, office and commercial environments.  Now in business over 22 years, with over 80,000 satisfied customers, we offer state-of-the-art leading edge technology in HVAC systems including furnaces, boilers, gas fireplaces, and every kind of Air Conditioning system you can think of.  We are constantly studying to keep abreast of the fast-paced improvements in HVAC systems which now conserve more energy, last longer, and deliver warm and cool air with greater efficiency.  Since all our advice is free, contact us with any questions you may have about your existing HVAC system or need for a ductless air conditioning unit.  Besides Trane, Pro Ace installs Mitsubishi, LG, Samsung, Daikin, Fujitsu units as well as several others.

What is a ductless A.C. system?

The components of a ductless air conditioning system include a condenser unit positioned outside the building, an indoor evaporator, line sets (pipes connecting the condenser and the evaporator), a power cable between the units, and two drain pipes leading from both units. 

Indoor ductless systems come in 4 different variations to suit just about anyone’s requirements: wall-mounted, floor mount, cassette (ceiling unit) and concealed unit installed over the ceiling.

What is the SEER rating?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.  It describes the energy usage for your AC unit.  The lower the ratio, the more the electricity that is required to produce cold air.  The higher the ratio, the more efficient is the system and the quieter it runs.  Higher ratio units are also more energy-efficient.  Today all AC systems must have a SEER rating of 13 or above.  Always consider the SEER rating of any AC unit that you want to buy.  For any info on the newer AC systems on the market, call Pro Ace for a free consultation.

Ductless Units

On the Trane website https://www.trane.com/residential/p/products/ the XV20i True Comfort Variable Speed unit is described as “one of the industry’s most efficient variable speed air conditioners, up to 22.00 SEER/14.00 EER, available in 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-ton models. This unit features a woven Spine Fin™ coil, Climatuff® Variable Speed inverter-driven compressor, ComfortLink™ II capability, and a Weatherguard Top™, which is a unique design exclusive to Trane that protects the unit from the elements. Even on the hottest days, it cools your home with precision, keeping you comfortable throughout the day.”

When you consider installing a ductless A.C. system, call the Lower Mainland professionals, Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning for estimates, warranty information, guarantees, maintenance information and suggestions about the optimal system for your home, townhouse or commercial property.

How Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating Works

Ductless HVAC systems create a comfortable environment for separate indoor spaces where it might be impractical or expensive to add new ductwork. These types of systems have two components — an outdoor unit and an indoor unit.

The outdoor unit will be similar to a traditional HVAC system. The only difference is whether it’s connected to a single indoor unit or multiple indoor units. The indoor ductless units come in a variety of styles, including high wall units, concealed and cassette designs, as well as floor/ceiling and console units. You can choose your indoor unit based on your personal style, space design and desired features.

What size air conditioner should I install in my home in the Lower Mainland?

The size of an AC unit is measured in tons of air.  One ton of air can cool 400 square feet in homes and about half that in an office.  (Offices tend to have more windows and less insulation.)  If your home in Vancouver is 2800 sq. ft., you will need a 7 ton AC unit.  An office of the same size will require a 14 ton unit.  Do not try to save money by buying a smaller unit than necessary.  If the unit is too small, it will result in inadequate temperatures in your home (cool or warm) and the ductless air conditioning unit may overheat.  Alternatively, if you choose an overly large unit, it may not remove enough moisture from the room resulting in an uncomfortably humid or clammy environment.

Contact Pro Ace so we can explain it all in clear, friendly detail.

3 Reasons to Go Ductless

You’ll save energy (and the planet!)

Ductwork for central air systems can lose energy, especially if it runs through unconditioned spaces like attics or basement to get to your addition. A ductless system makes sure all the air goes right into your space, reducing your energy costs and impact on the environment.

You’ve got creative control

Most ductless heating and cooling systems use wireless or wired controllers that let you easily operate your system, even if your indoor units are mounted on the ceiling or wall. If you’re looking for a more personalized experience try Trane Ductless Systems. Their controls take comfort to the next level with an “I Feel” function. This feature allows your controller to read the temperature from your exact location in the room and adjusts the heating and cooling for maximum comfort. No more hot spots or cold zones!

You can keep things flexible

A ductless system provides spot heating and cooling that operates separately from your central system, so your new master bedroom or media room can be as cool or warm as you like. You can also mix and match multiple indoor units to create a multi-zone system for customized comfort. Think you may continue to add on to your new space later? Go ahead and get additional ports to allow for future expansion.

Ductless systems are one of your best bets for custom temperature control in added-on rooms, especially when you want an energy efficient air conditioner and heating system that is cost-effective.


Contact Pro Ace Heating for a heating and cooling addition estimate

If you’d like to learn more about ductless systems, contact Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning. Our technicians will help you come up with a heating and cooling plan for your addition that fits your home’s layout and your budget.

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What people are saying about us!

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Took advantage of a furnace maintenance program that they were offering and they came and did a fantastic job of cleaning and checking the system for any gas leaks. They were thorough in their cleaning and very nice to work with.

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Thank you for the great service I received in April 2012. Your service men were quick and efficient and on top of it very freindly.

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Many thanks to Grant for identifying our problem and to Ali and his assistant for fixing it promptly and efficiently. Very friendly service men!

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To book this service, simply contact us by calling at 604-293-3770

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