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Air Conditioner Service and Maintenance Vancouver

In Vancouver when you need expert air conditioner service, the best call you can make is to Pro Ace. For many reasons. One is that we have been in business for 22 years. Two is our happy family of over 80,000 clients. Three is that we really care about your home and office comfort zones. Four is that we offer the lowest prices. Five is that all work is guaranteed. You can read about more reasons below on this page. Our motto is one client at a time.

Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance Vancouver Prevention

Regular AC service in Vancouver will save you money.  It will reduce your energy use which will show up on your energy bill.  It will prevent future repairs.  And it will avoid having to replace your AC unit before its time.  The Pro Ace AC service is simple, easy and easy on the pocket book.  It only takes a short time.  During the service the service tech will offer some tips about how to save as much money as you can.   The Pro Ace techs are also fun to be with.  They really enjoy helping people.  Call us to have a Pro Ace rep visit your home or office in Vancouver.  We are people friendly.

Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance Vancouver Confidence

You can be sure of Pro Ace’s AC service in Vancouver.  Pro Ace service techs are all Red Seal refrigerant mechanics.  Red Seal is the HVAC industry’s highest certification.  The service people know their stuff.   They have years of training and experience.  There are no HVAC systems that they cannot install, service and repair.  They arrive at your home or office in a smart looking van.  They talk to you about your AC issues and needs.  The techs take notes and offer advice.  Then they present all quotes in writing.  It’s all clear at Pro Ace.

Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance Vancouver Procedures

A regular AC service covers the entire AC unit.  If you would like a complete list of the procedures, you can call us anytime.  We will email you a detailed outline.  We always advise getting quotes from other companies.  That way you won’t have any doubts about any costs.  Pro Ace cares a lot about your home expenses.  We suggest setting up a plan for regular AC service.  In that way, you will prevent future problems with your AC unit.  One of the things we advise is keeping a supply of filters on hand.  They should be changed every three to six months.  It’s easy to do.  But if you want us to do it, just call us.

Some questions you may have

What should I do to maintain my AC unit in Vancouver?
Replacing filters will lower your energy bill by 5-15%. Check and clean the AC unit’s evaporator coil at least once a year. Check that the coil fins are not bent. In a split system, you should clean the fan, compressor and condenser areas. There are a few more things you can do to maintain the smooth operation of your AC system. Contact Pro Ace for a complete list. We’ll happily send you one.

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