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Air Conditioning

We know how important it is for your air conditioning system to keep you cool and comfortable in the middle of the blazing, vancouver summer. Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning has been delivering quality service for 22 years to 80,000 clients in the lower mainland. We are available 24 hours and 7 days a week for emergency repairs for all brands and types of air conditioning equipment. Our local experts will provide you with the peace of mind because you know that they are the trusted experts with an element of accountability with every job.

Why people choose Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning

  1. We have licensed, Insured gas technicians with years of experience
  2. FortisBC trade ally member to get Rebates
  3. Financing available
  4. If there is any issue with our work we will back at no charge to rectify it.
  5. We are red sealed refrigerant mechanics
  6. We have been in business since 1995 and we have over 80,000 clients in lower mainland
  7. We schedule a time that is most convenient for you and we arrive on-time.
  8. No surprising prices when dealing with us. Honest pricing, No surprising prices.
  9. Reasonable Rates and great prices
  10. Free estimate online or at home.
  11. Match competitor prices
  12. Confirming our installation plan before starting our work, Piping, Electrical, Fittings, Insulation.
  13. Labour Warranty

Sometimes air conditioning unit problems are easily solved by the owner. Here are a few things which you should check:

-Is your filter clean? A blocked filter can cause an air conditioning unit to shut down due to the inadequate flow.

-Is the grill free of obstructions and clear of any debris?

-Take a look at your circuit breaker on the electric panel and note that it is set in the “on” position. Take care to also check for a blown fuse.

-Be sure that the thermostat is set to “cool” and that the setting is below the room temperature.

Regular maintenance helps to prevent unpleasant surprises. In addition, units require annual tune-ups to test and clean, change filters, and guarantee excellent operating conditions. If you’ve gone through this list and are still having issues, contact our office at 604-293-3770 today!

Air Conditioning Repairs

We know how it can be when your air conditioning stops working, especially in the hot summer. Our technicians can do emergency repairs on your air conditioning. Using our cutting edge 40 point inspection to make sure we go over every issue that could be affecting performance. Protect your investment by keeping it running.

Contact us for any issues you face with your machine. We are standing by 24/7 for you. Our operators are knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. We’ll get you a technician at your home, on a time that works for you, as soon as possible!

Air Conditioning Service

Owning an air conditioning unit is an investment in not only your home, but your family’s happiness and comfort as well. You can protect the investment which you’ve made while also saving money with an annual maintenance by Pro Ace. Hence, our office can ensure the comfort of your family through any season.

So how can you benefit from a check-up? First and foremost, you’ll enjoy longer equipment life and your air conditioning unit will require fewer repairs. You will also experience much healthier indoor air quality, improved system efficiency, and lower utility bills. Maintenance to your air conditioning unit will greatly reduce the risk of future damage.

Replacing filters will save money and improve system efficiency. Don’t forget to change the air filters in your air conditioning system. A new, clean filter will improve performance and allow the system to run easier. Our recommendation is that you replace your air filter every 30 – 90 days, depending on your system. Guarantee the most out of your investment by contacting our office at 604-293-3770!

Air Conditioning Installation

Your air conditioning and heating system plays the largest role in your home when it comes to utility bill costs and your personal comfort. Our knowledgeable technicians, will take the time to carefully select and size which system is the perfect fit for you. We provide you with high quality air conditioning installation and happily educate you on proper system operation.

Air conditioning installation isn’t a simple task, which is why it is important to find a reputable company to take care of your needs. The proper sizing, selection, installation, and maintenance are the keys to cost effective operation as well as energy savings. Here at Pro Ace we are committed to the utmost in integrity and professional service.

Finally, our technicians are familiar with different brands, techniques, and troubleshooting which all go hand in hand with the process. There are many things that could happen to your unit within its lifetime. A successful run of service all begins with the air conditioning installation. So call our dispatch at 604-293-3770 and have a chat with our experts.

To book this service, simply contact us by calling at 604-293-3770

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