Roof Top Units (RTU)

Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning is the expert roof top unit (RTU) installation company for commercial buildings in the Lower Mainland.  The units come in either gas or electric, in 5, 10, and 20 ton sizes and are normally equipped with an economizer.  Available brands include Trane, Lennox and Carrier, both heating and air conditioning.  However, Pro Ace can install, service and repair any unit of your choice.  Pro Ace is an authorized red seal installer, a longstanding member of FortisBC and authorized by the B.C. Safety Authority.  Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning also has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+.

Roof Top Unit Installation

Roof Top Unit Installation is easy and affordable.  Pro Ace sends a crane to place the unit on your roof.  The technicians (all licensed and bonded) do the rest.  Ducts are installed from the unit to each room or office in the building.  The procedure takes less than a full day.  The roof top units are silent, efficient, and durable, supplying your building with a reliable supply of cool or warm air for a very long time.  Pro Ace can also retrofit your existing unit with advanced controllers (see below).  We recommend getting a couple of other installation quotations to ease your mind about getting the best price.

Roof Top Unit Service

Pro Ace recommends setting up a regular service schedule in conjunction with your roof top unit installation. A regular service schedule will prevent any safety issues from occurring, any interruptions in your supply of cool or warm air, and save on unnecessary repairs (or unit replacement) down the road.  It is recommended to service your roof top unit every six months, annually at the very least.  The filters should be changed every four months.  By setting up a regular service schedule with Pro Ace on Day 1, you can simply forget about your roof top unit.

Roof Top Unit Repair

If a problem should occur with your roof top unit, Pro Ace will have the solution.  Pro Ace technicians use tablet technology when diagnosing HVAC unit problems.  No other HVAC company uses this state of the art procedure.  When the technician finds the problem, he will submit a written report detailing the current condition of your roof top unit.  The report will detail any options available to repair the unit including all costs for parts and labor.  All Pro Ace repair work is guaranteed and no repairs or alterations are performed without the customer’s written consent.


Some questions you may have

Will retrofitting my roof top unit with advanced controllers save on energy costs?

The answer is probably.  Some of the factors in any calculation would include the age of your current roof top unit, the condition of its components, how often you have serviced the unit, what controllers the unit currently has, and the local climate. Current estimates of average energy savings range between 20 and 40 percent of RTU energy consumption.  Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning offers free consultations on any HVAC related issues and concerns.  And we would be happy to visit your building and take a look at your current roof top unit to give you our best advice.

To book this service, simply contact us by calling at 604-293-3770