Boiler Service Cost

Many of our customers have questions about Boiler Service Cost and of course the answer will depend on what needs to be serviced.  A regular diagnosis and boiler service resulting in a clean bill of health can be completed in less than an afternoon.  Call Pro Ace to get an estimate according to our current rates.  Boiler Service Cost will be greater if your boiler requires any repairs or part replacements.   

Boiler Service Cost – Signs of Wear and Tear

The following are signs that your boiler may require some TLC if not more extensive repairs:

  • Water Leaking from boiler or pipes
  • Steam or Gas leaking from boiler or pipes
  • The gas is unusually high
  • No hot water
  • Unusual noises – grinding, clunking, banging
  • Boiler shuts down frequently for no reason
  • Damaged or malfunctioning pipes and valves
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Boiler fails to turn on
  • No heat or not heating properly
  • The flame is orange or yellow instead of blue
  • Alternations in the boiler pressure

Boiler Service Cost – Service Procedures

Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning uses Tablet Technology to ensure an orderly diagnosis of your boiler unit, with an eye to safety, comfort and boiler service cost minimization.  We are the only HVAC company to use this state-of-the-art device.  The following is a list of our procedures when servicing your boiler:

  • Check the flue temperature
  • Check the gas piping to the boiler
  • Check and adjust the manifold gas pressure
  • Check the boiler unit’s input
  • Check for any evidence of CO gas
  • Check and clean the pilot
  • Check for leaks in the expansion tank
  • Check the limit controls
  • Check the heat exchanger
  • Check the RFT control device
  • Analyze the difference in temperature between the supply and return piping
  • Lubricate the pump
  • Check all the pressure switches and vent blower
  • Check the vent connector and the venting system
  • Check the water pressure and warmth set points
  • Check the thermostat
  • Inspect for any corrosion
  • Clean the boiler unit inside and outside

Boiler Service Cost – Considerations

Lowering your boiler service cost depends on the following factors:

  • Hiring a professional, established company registered with Fortis B.C.
  • Hiring a company that uses Red Seal certified technicians
  • Hiring a company that uses Tablet Technology
  • Hiring a company that guarantees all its work
  • Scheduling a Boiler service once every year (as recommended by B.C. Safety Authority)

Lower Boiler Service Costs – Valve Maintenance


It is important that boiler valves are maintained by lifting the try-lever once a month and testing the valve set pressure once a year.  If a valve stops operating, the boiler has to be shut down right away to repair or replace the valve.  The safety relief valve should be set to open at or below the manufacturer’s specifications.  If for some reason, the valve was set too high, it could compromise your safety.  You can find the specifications on the side of the boiler. For a complete description of how Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning conducts a service and maintenance operation on your boiler, contact us at any time.  All our advice is free of charge and we LOVE to talk about everything in the HVAC universe.  We built our business one satisfied customer at a time over 22 years now and 80,000 Lower Mainland customers. 

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