Ductless Heat Pump

A ductless heat pump works much like a refrigerator does, using coils filled with refrigerant. The unit works to both heat and cool a home, so it acts like a furnace and air conditioner in one. In the winter months it transfers warm air in and in the summer months, warm air out. There are two units that make up the heat pump system. One unit which is located indoors is known as the air handler and the other outdoor unit which is known as the actual heat pump.

Ductless heat pumps don’t actually create heat like a furnace does with a pilot light. Unlike a furnace which runs on gas or oil, a heat pump operated by electricity and uses less energy than a furnace and AC combo. Depending on the energy costs and climate type where you live, heat pumps can cost less to operate. For those living in colder temperatures, a heat pump wouldn’t be a sufficient source of heat alone. Fortunately, in the Vancouver and the greater mainland, the milder temperatures and lower comparable cost of electricity, a ductless heat pump is a great choice for heating and cooling.

You can see a comparison report by region on the Canadian Natural Resources website: http://www.nrcan.gc.ca/energy/publications/efficiency/heating-heat-pump/6835

Since there are no ducts used to deliver the desired air temperature, there is no loss or wasted energy for air that has to travel along ducts. Less wasted energy means lower energy costs! There’s also the convenience of controlling temperatures in each room, or in only certain rooms. Having a split unit system allows you to control only the temperature in rooms you need.

There’s also air quality difference to consider when making a decision on your home’s HVAC system. With a system where ducts are used, the air quality is poorer. With ductless, there’s no air travelling under the rooms of the home, reducing allergens, bacteria, dust and mould. No more filters to change every few weeks and no more duct cleaning needed. Just a simple annual service to assure your ductless heat pump is working properly and efficiently.

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