Why Furnace Installation isn’t a DIY Job

Are you into DIY? With Pro Ace Heating & Cooling Ltd. in Maple Ridge BC, you can avoid costly mistakes in your new furnace installation.

Not a DIY Job

Furnace installations are not the type of job for the handy do-it-your selfer. As talented and determined as you might be, there is much to know in technical terms about doing HVAC installation work.

From installation of the correct venting pipes, to the installation of two condensation drain connections, to proper grounding of electrical connections; and not to forget ensuring correct connections to gas or propane supplies. One tiny misstep and your furnace will not function properly.

In the end, proper furnace installation saves you in utility bills and in avoiding costly repairs. Even after studying complicated diagrams that attempt to explain how to install a furnace, mistakes are made.

Leave furnace installation up to the experts. Pro Ace Heating & Cooling Ltd. will provide quick and efficient service to Maple Ridge

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