Health Benefits of Air Conditioning

Surprising Health Benefits of Air Conditioning

Even before the most recent heat wave, it’s been impossible to deny that life in the Lower Mainland is heating up. Consumers throughout Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond, and Langley are struggling to stay cool as temperature soar skyward. Home and business owners know that air conditioning can contribute to a luxurious living environment, but many don’t realize that it can be good for health, too.

Improve Activity Levels

Multiple studies have found that people are more productive when they’re kept cool and comfortable. This productivity boost is the reason that more and more businesses and offices have opted for air conditioning in recent years. An active life is a healthier life, and air conditioning can help keep activity and productivity levels up through the summer doldrums. There is even some evidence that a cool, comfortable environment increases intellectual performance. In addition, members of a comfortable household will feel less stress.

Reduce Serious Health Risks

It’s been a grim reality that heatwaves can result in serious casualties, including hospital admissions and even death. In studies of warmer climates, such as California, most of these heat-related illnesses were found in people who lived in households that lacked air conditioning. One study found that air conditioning reduced the risk of a member of the household suffering from either cardiovascular or respiratory distress. Another study, this time conducted in Chicago, found that air conditioning was the strongest protective factor against death during a heatwave. The health risks of a heatwave are particularly acute in those whose health is already vulnerable, such as people who are very old, very young, ill, or frail.

Control Allergens

Allergies are an increasingly common problem. People with allergies are particularly likely to benefit from air conditioning. Modern air conditioning systems include a filter. The filter removes allergens such as dust mites, pollen, smoke, and dander. It also improves air quality by eliminating or reducing unpleasant odors. Installing an air conditioning system will result in an immediate and obvious improvement in indoor air quality. Air conditioning also allows home and business owners to keep the windows closed, keeping allergy-aggravating pollen and insects outside, where they belong.

Making the Most of your Air Conditioner

In order to get the maximum health benefits from your air conditioning system, follow a few simple guidelines. Keep your ambient temperature reasonable, slightly above standard room temperature. Enlist the help of a professional when choosing and installing an air conditioning system. Once your system is in place, be sure to have it serviced regularly by a qualified HVAC professional. Regular maintenance will ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your air conditioning system.

If you’re ready to realize the health benefits associated with air conditioning, or if you’re just tired of sweltering in ever-hotter summer heatwaves, Pro Ace Heating & Cooling can help. Pro Ace provides qualified HVAC professionals, including air conditioning specialists, to homes and businesses throughout Vancouver, North Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, and Langley. Contact Pro Ace today at 604-293-3770 today to begin speak to  an air conditioning expert.