Should You Switch to LED Lighting?

Switching to LED Lighting, Electrical Efficiency Cost-Benefits

Have you heard of LED lights? Light emitting diodes are big news lately. But does it actually make sense for homes and businesses in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, or Langley to switch from traditional incandescent bulbs or florescent lights to LED lighting?

Pro Ace electricians offer professional advice and guidance to customers in the Greater Vancouver Area and we have found that in many cases, going LED does make sense!

What is an LED Light?

An LED light is an light emitting diode that has been fitted into a light fixture. Originally used for electronic components, LEDs are now able to emit light suitable for a home or business. They provide an alternative to incandescent or florescent light sources.

LED Lights are Energy Efficient

Incandescent bulbs are the least energy efficient type of bulb available. They lose most of their energy to heat. LED lights lose much less energy to heat. In fact, LED lights are so efficient, that you will only need a six or seven Watt LED light to replace your 60 Watt incandescent light bulb. This makes them easy on the pocket book when the energy bill comes. It also makes them easy on the environment.

LED Lights Last Longer

If you don’t like changing light bulbs, LED lights are the way to go. They can last for up to 100,000 hours, twice as long as florescent lights and many times longer than incandescent lights. This is particularly helpful if your light fixture is in a place where changing the bulb is inconvenient.

LED Lights Are Quiet and Attractive

Lots of people are bothered by the humming of florescent lights. LED lights operate in silence. They also emit an attractive light and can be bought in a wide variety of colours, to give your home or business exactly the look you want.

LED Lights are Safe

LED lights don’t emit much heat, so they’re safer for kids and pets who may touch a bulb. They’re also much harder to break. Vancouver residents are particularly conscious of toxins in the environment, and many consumers are concerned about the mercury in florescent bulbs. LED lights don’t contain mercury.

LED Lights Don’t Need to Warm Up

Florescent lights take a moment to turn on, but LED lights light up immediately.

LED Lights are Dimmable

Dimmable lights add a nice feature to a home or business. LED lights are able to dim without changing the colour of the light — they don’t become yellow as they dim but stay a bright, pure white.

LED Bulbs are More Expensive

Buying an LED bulb will cost more than buying an incandescent or florescent bulb, but in most cases, you’ll make your money back through buying fewer replacement bulbs and through lower energy bills.

Where to Contact Local Vancouver Electrician Contractors

Have questions? If you want to talk about LED lights for your business, or you’re not sure the correct type of lighting for your situation, contact a Pro Ace electrician.

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