Three Common, Avoidable Causes of Electrical Fires

Three Common & Preventable Causes of Electrical Fires in Vancouver BC

Fire is every home and business owner’s worst nightmare, resulting in financial and emotional disaster for everyone involved. Electrical fires can be the most frightening, because many people are under the false impression that electrical fires are just bad luck and cannot be prevented. The reality is that most electrical fires are due to a few common causes, and with a little care and attention now, they can be prevented.

If you’re a Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, or Langley business owner, read on for more information on keeping your home or business safe.

Cause Number One: An Electrical System that Needs to Be Updated

Outdated electrical systems are a major cause of electrical fire. There are three reasons an older electrical system may be a danger: First, the standards for wiring go up all the time. A new house is manufactured to the highest standards possible, whereas an older house was wired in accordance with older, laxer regulations. Second, wiring degrades over time. They become frayed and loose and need attention. Finally, older electrical systems were not designed to handle the load needed for a modern household. Electrical systems from the nineties and before were designed for families without multiple computers, smartphones, and possibly a flat screen TV or two.

Cause Number Two: Old, Outdated Outlets

Older outlets, especially those that aren’t properly grounded, create a risk of electrical fire. Like all other aspects of electrical work, they do not last forever and require regular electrical inspection and occasional updating. In addition, many building owners inadvertently misuse outlets. Outlets should never be overloaded with too many appliances at one time. Extension cords are for temporary use and using them increase fire risk. If you find you need extension cords and splitters, hire an electrician to install extra electrical outlets. It’s easy and convenient.

Cause Number Three: Misuse of Lamps and Appliances

Here’s a cause that’s entirely under your control. Always use appliances and lamps properly. Inspect your appliances regularly. Check that cords are not frayed and that they remain in good condition, and follow the instructions for maintenance and cleaning. When using a lamp, ensure the bulb is the correct wattage. Don’t use lamps near hanging drapes and do not allow them to be covered by cloth or paper.

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