What is an HRV?

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems (HRVs) are designed to remove the old, stuffy and in some cases, moist air from inside a home while replacing with fresh outdoor air. As homes today become better insulated, the issue of stagnant air increases.

Sure, there’s nothing like a fresh spring day, opening the windows and doors to let the fresh air breeze on through. Essentially this is what an HRV does but automatically. The difference being, the outdoor air often can cause problems like allergies, high moisture, dust and pollutants. An HRV cleans the outdoor air before it ever makes its way indoors.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems (HRVs) | Pro Ace Heating Vancouver

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems (HRVs)

Having an HRV system installed in your home can actually reduce the amount of energy used to heat or cool inside. For example during the colder months, as the warm air is extracted from indoors, it passes through the and warms the cold outdoor air, without actually coming into direct contact with each other. It does the opposite in warmer months, by cooling the warm air first.

Benefits of having an HRV system include:

  • Cleaner air to breathe
  • Fewer allergens and dust
  • Help to reduce moisture which can result in mould and bacteria in your home
  • Removes smelly or strong odours from cooking or chemicals in a home shop or garage

HRV Service, Repair and Maintenance

It’s very important that you have a professional assess your home and install a new HRV system. There’s many different models available and making sure that you purchase a unit which is sufficient for the size and design of your home is crucial. We currently are offering a great promotion on a new install PLUS free estimate and assessment. You can give our office a call and we will set an appointment to have one of our highly trained specialists discuss options with you at your convenience.